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There is nothing you love more than your children.

They are what bring joy and silliness and creativity and innocence to our lives. They remind us to be young and curious and to explore our world. And when we really pay attention, we know they are more often than not, our teachers.



“The most important work you & I will ever do will be within the walls of our own homes” ~Harold B Lee


While they can be the source of limitless joy and fulfillment, they can also cause frustration, struggle, and overwhelm.

Because of this you may find yourself…

  • feeling guilt a lot of the time, too tired to be in the moment
  • doubting your “gut instinct”
  • questioning how your life is turning out
  • snapping at your children and spouse
  • rushing from activity to activity, never with a clear direction
  • banging your head against the wall, feeling stuck
  • wondering if you’re being the best person & parent you can be

You aren’t alone. People are searching for a better way.

The truth is, children today are different. They are more open, sensitive, feeling, and self-aware. Our role as parents is to support and guide them in developing this inner knowing.

Because of this, the conversations around parenting are changing…

  • We are talking about living more consciously and truly being in the moment.
  • We are starting to see the need to nurture ourselves so we can nurture our children.
  • We are questioning the message we send (to our friends, our families, ourselves).
  • We are starting to take control of our lives.
  • We are defining ourselves and starting to live with integrity, honesty and honor.
  • We are starting to listen to our intuition and by way of example, we are ensuring our children do the same.

Discover how to soulfully parent your children…
and discover yourself in the process

To set the stage for your child's growth, success & fulfillment you must learn how to allow & nurture who they truly are

To be the kind of parent you want to be, you first must become the kind of person you want to be

Monthly discussions on various topics to support you in being who you truly are and the parent you want to be