This is for those who want what they want & who are willing to create a  life they wake up excited to every day, because they know it’s their divine birthright to do so. If that’s you, read on…


Claim Your Creator Status


You are a creator…a co-creator to be more precise…you co-create with the Universe. …And if you want to live a life you are excited about you need to claim your creator status.


When you become a conscious creator you’re no longer at the whim of outside forces. You realize that you have a conscious say and are an active participator in how your life unfolds. You remember that you are powerful far beyond what you ever suspected. And you start to dream bigger and expect more from life. It feels amazing!


…and then you enter the In-Between Stage.


The In-Between Stage is the place where you’ve started to dream beyond what you previously imagined, but your outer world hasn’t quite caught up with this vision yet. You kinda, maybe, sorta believe it’s possible, but also slightly, cautiously, tentatively doubt in its actual fruition. This can be a very uncomfortable place to be.


You know you are a creator, but things just aren’t turning out and moving as swiftly as you’d like. They are either slow in coming or haven’t shown up at all. The gap between what you know and what you’re living causes a lot of frustration, angst, anxiety, and a whole lot of let-down…but it is also sprinkled with incredible moments of promise, joy, wonder, freedom and fulfillment, and that’s what keeps you from completely throwing in the towel.


I know. I’ve been there. Anyone who is a conscious creator has.


It’s the middle part where we lose faith, entertain doubt, and worry and wonder if what we dream for ourselves is truly possible. It’s this middle part where we have to be willing to be a bit of a shit disturber and challenge the old so that we can get the crap that’s in the way of our awesome life out of the way.


The space of conjuring up enough faith and trust in your vision becoming a reality can be a wobbly place. But as you practice believing in the validity of your vision, you will eventually hit a tipping point where it starts to feel certain, and things begin to really shift in your world.


…And I’d like to help you reach this tipping point.


As I’ve said, I’ve been in those not-always-so-fun ‘in-between stages’ (and continue to be since we are always expanding into more). But what kept (and keeps) me going and trusting was having those who walked the path before me shine the light on what’s possible so when I hit those inevitable moments of doubt, wanting to give up, and questioning, I knew that what I was reaching for was worth the bumps along the road…because as you keep on keeping on, what you want is certain. It must show up.


So, to help you live a life you are absolutely excited about, one that gets you up in the morning looking forward to everything that lies ahead, I’ve put together many resources and courses (from the beginner to the experienced seeker; from hands-off to hands-held; from free to paid), that will assist you in reaching your tipping point that much smoother, quicker, and with the knowing that what you want most certainly is possible…


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