38 Markers You’re on the Right Track with Your Parenting!

The Soulful ParentRecently I sent this question to my Soulful Parent Community –

What are some markers that show you are on the right track with your kids?

I got some fantastic responses!

And I’m not gonna lie, some of them came from those who have taken my Soulful Parent Program, so I couldn’t help but be excited about the fact that some important shifts are taking place.

Without further ado, here were the responses…

  1. They feel safe to share their feelings with me.
  2. They are cooperative because they feel part of the family (“team”).
  3. They are able to self-regulate difficult emotions such as fear and anger.
  4. When my kids are having fun, and are using their imagination and creativity.
  5. That my children are connected to others and have good friends.
  6. They are comfortable to take risks and not be afraid to try new things or to make mistakes.
  7. They can laugh at themselves.
  8. My relationship with my kids tells me I am on the right track.
  9. They have developed critical thinking and a moral compass.
  10. They begin to see and feel things that are more authentic to them.
  11. They are no longer repeating what others say for the sake of sounding smart or being accepted, but rather they are speaking and acting from their heart.
  12. When I see my children use good manners, be kind to someone,  make a good decision without any prompting then I feel I have done my job.
  13. When I get a call from another mom who has witnessed a kindness from one of my kids, then I think I have done my job!
  14. That they are confident – Confident in their decision making, confident with their place in the world, and confident with who they truly are.
  15. That they are learning to love, or at least accept, who it is they truly are, even the “faults.”
  16. That they are able and willing to follow their heart, and inner guidance, even if that makes them stand out differently from the other kids.
  17. That they are able to remain true to themselves even if their path may possibly disappoint someone close to them.
  18. That they don’t cave to the expectations placed on them that do not match who they truly are.
  19. Open and honest communication is very important.
  20. When you are able to respond to your childrens “mistakes” rather than abruptly react.
  21. When your child feels heard and is able to come to you with anything.
  22. They show love, compassion and empathy towards others and themselves.
  23. They understand someone else’s negative actions or comments towards them are never about them, but rather are about the person making the comment.
  24. That your children are open-minded to TRYING to understand and have compassion for those we typically judge.
  25. When my kids are able to not take the actions and comments of others personally.
  26. That they have coping skills and understands positive ways to release negative energy, when meeting “negative” people.
  27. That they do not turn to violence or meet a negative person with more negativity.
  28. That they are learning not to value materialism. This is a huge thing for inner happiness, which is what we want for our children!
  29. That they learn the importance of love. And that they learn to see the love that surrounds them everyday. AND GRATITUDE!!! Huge!
  30. They are responsible. Not perfect; no one is perfect!
  31. Demonstrate survival skills and logic thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  32. They are not afraid to sit in silence with him or herself.
  33. Your children are not in competition with anyone. That they don’t compare themselves to others.
  34. That your children are not looking for applause in everything they do, and are just doing something because they enjoy it. The need for constant applause, I think, shows that they are looking for acceptance and have not yet accepted themselves.
  35. When your kids learn that they can’t change someone else’s behavior but they can change how they choose to react/respond.
  36. When you as a parent can look at your children as a mirror to yourself and help you heal and grow.
  37. If your children are able to learn from mistakes rather than react to mistakes.
  38. When we share joy I know I’m on the right track

Soo…let’s hear it!  What are your two-cents of what markers show you’re on the right track?!  Share below.