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 The Soulful Parent Vol. II

In this fabulous book you'll find stories, inspiration, and a wealth of knowledge that will pave the road to becoming the best parent you know you can be. Read their stories, and grab their free gifts to help you become a more Soulful Parent!

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Do you want to STOP:

Feeling like you are failing?

Wondering if you are doing and saying the right things for your children?

Feeling like life is chaotic, stressful and draining?

Feeling bombarded by guilt and doubt?

Losing your patience?

Do you want to START:

Responding with patience and calm?

Feeling secure and confident in your parenting?

Enjoying the special moments?

Feeling a deep connection to your children?

To Soulfully Discipline?

As parents, we all want our children to:

Growing NEVER having to “recover” who they are.

Always know & trust they have their own guidance system... their intuition.

Having a deep and meaningful connection with us..

Live a meaningful, fulfilled & happy life.


...Sometimes we just need a little help in learning how to parent so they always know who they are, and retain their intuitive sense.

Here is your SOULution!...

Meet the Authors!!!

Trisha Savoia is the creator of The Soulful Parent ebook series, founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and develper of the The Integrity Code, and The Soulful Parent Programs. Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills, experience, and intuition as a mother, teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Life & Parent Coach to help guide moms to recover their true selves and their intuition, while at the same time learn how to parent so their children can do the same.


Gemma Stone, I’m a Psychologist, Coach, Speaker and Guide and I love working with women who are ready to heal the past, love the present, and light up the future. I fight for your happiness, health, and success by combining the science of psychology with the power of spirituality to create a personalized concoction of transformative tools.


Faith Wood ,holds a Master & Trainer Designation in Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP) and is an internationally certified Hypnotherapist. Her experience as a Peace Officer and Crisis Negotiator contributes to her knowledge and high level of skill in working with individuals in both conflict and high levels of stress.


Jeane Watier, is an award-winning author of visionary fiction, and mother of three grown children. Having struggled with depression for many years, it was her desire for well-being that led her to learn and apply the principles of Law of Attraction that changed her life. With joy, she now shares her passion for writing and teaching. Her novels (available on Amazon) uplift and entertain, weaving romance and drama with nuggets of truth.


Shauna Chandler, is an Intuitive Healer and Angelic Messenger. Born and raised in Calgary, she found her passion working professionally in the healing arts. Shauna strives to be of heartfelt, joyful service, working closely with the Angelic and Spirit realms; sharing the gift of enlightenment. Shauna loves to spend time in nature, laugh with her daughter and experiment with new chocolate recipes.


Nicole Tunheim is a practicing Reiki Master, Reflexologist and Intuitive Reader at Lasya Healing in Calgary, AB. She is also an active spiritual blogger with her main focus being on self love and self acceptance. Nicole loves reaching out to people to help shift their perspectives into a positive place, whether through seeing clients or through her writing. She is also an artist who promotes release of emotion through creativity.


Rosanna Sardella RCH has developed a 5 step program that helps people heal, transform their lives and find their purpose. Through her breakthrough programs, she intuitively assists others to find freedom from their past, let go of limiting self beliefs, connect to their intuition and develop trust within themselves. She developed this program based upon her own personal experience of healing and transformation which began back in 2008. She took a leap of faith and left a very comfortable corporate job to find what she was meant to do in this world; which was to help and heal others. Since following her calling she has helped hundreds of people find direction, clarity, peace and purpose in their lives. Her services include Intuitive Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Intuitive Readings and Workshops.


Nicole Brooks is a born again free thinker. Over the past year she has gone from living in a constricted world defined by ego, self-control and incessant focusing on the goal. Today she lives a life of just being happy with her two beautiful daughters and soul mate. When not dancing with the kids, she enjoys reading, painting, writing and thinking. Freely.


Shelley Streit is a passionate entrepreneur, speaker, financial advisor, and author. Experience drawn from a difficult life as a youth taught her the value of learning, making tough but intelligent choices, and hard work. Through her work Shelley has had the opportunity to empower thousands to face adversity with optimism. Shelley feels she lives a rich life by design with her husband Ron and two boys on the family farm in Stettler, Alberta.


Christina Rowsell is a recognized broadcast professional. Christina has been on Calgary airwaves for over 17 years. From flying over the city to report traffic, co-hosting mornings, working in the promotions department, hosting locally produced TV, to producing and hosting a syndicated show across Canada. Christina is also the blogger behind The Brighter Side YYC. It’s a place where people can go to find Good News, Great Ideas & Amazing People.


Debra Dane writes at home life simplified and is learning to let go more each day. She shares about authentic living and tossing out the “shoulds” in life to find the right path for you.



Jeri Tourand is a mother of 3 extraordinary girls, former school teacher, author, speaker, Realife Radio show host on blogtalk and founder of “Living from Heart Center” and “Parenting from H.E.A.R.T.”. Her mission is to provide a safe place for people to come together to explore, expand, express and celebrate the truth of who they are.


Munira Jiwa is a Spreader of Qi-Joy through her company of Core Energy Wellness. Currently the only certified Spring Forest Qigong Instructor in Canada, Munira is actively educating others about the simplicity and power of SFQ meditation practice. She teaches workshops, speaks at wellness conferences and private group events, and facilitates energy balancing sessions. Munira is a mother of 2 active tweenage boys. In her spare time, she paints, sings, and plays soccer.


Enza Ward is a Holistic Nutritionist RHN, Natural Health Coach, Educator and Wellness Speaker. She is passionate about helping her clients make healthier nutrition and lifestyle choices through one-on-one coaching and workshops. The approach is simply getting back to basics through clean eating, live nutrition, wholefoods & superfoods to ultimately connect you to your inner most vibrant self. Just as Mother Nature intended.


Joanna Nightengale is a group facilitator, holistic counselor, meditation teacher, and doula. One of Canada’s leading maternity experts, childbirth educators and doulas, Joanna is the founder and owner of Maternus, a company that has been supporting families in Calgary for nineteen years. Joanna is a certified Birthing from Within Mentor. She is also the co-founder of the Holistic Maternity Guild of Alberta. Joanna also works with Mind Intermission, a Calgary company that teaches mindfulness practices within the corporate workplace to achieve daily mind clarity, stress reduction, and productivity improvements.


Shamir S. Ladhani, P.Eng, M.Eng. graduated with a Master of Engineering degree from the University of Calgary in 2005 and is currently the Vice-President of Planning & Asset Management at ENMAX Power Corporation. He has two beautiful daughters in their early teens who continue to teach him the important lessons in life - how to tap into the inner child. Shamir is also the organizer of a community called Spiritual Explorers Unite subscribed by over 290 members. The group's sole aim is to serve up a buffet of workshops and wisdom free of charge to those seeking spiritual nourishment. Since 2012, Shamir has provided coaching to entrepreneurs in the Health and Wellness industry by tapping into his twenty years of professional experience in the area of business strategy, goal-setting and process improvement. He is looking forward to continuing to serve individuals whose sole aim is to support the health and wellness of others.


Manon Mitchell , B.S.c, R.C.H. worked in the I.T. industry for 25 years while studying in the school of life. Earning a Ph.D. after her second divorce she experienced the power of hypnosis in turning her life around and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist. She holds a B.Sc. in Psychology (McGill), and is a certified “Jumpstart” Coach and Facilitator. Giving back to the community, Manon is President of the Hypnosis Society of Alberta and an award winning Rotarian.


Ramona Remesat is a Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master and an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue. She is passionate about helping her clients identify emotional and spiritual blocks in their lives that may also be impacting them on a physical level. Using Reiki, and Angel Therapy, Ramona assists clients with the healing process so they can realize a more fulfilled, abundant and happier life.


Lisa Kathleen is a parenting geek, founder of Full Circle Parenting and believer in parenting without guilt. She is a parenting coach and parent educator who empowers and inspires. She loves supporting parents to build deep connection and help their children thrive in today's world, and she believes that an essential part of this work is to support the child's spiritual journey with compassion, curiosity, and respect.


Jackie Dumaine. After leaving the corporate world of advertising and media, Jackie traveled to India where she studied yoga & meditation. This experience had a profound effect on her and prompted her journey as a spiritual entrepreneur. She recently created The Yoga Code™, a 10 step blueprint for creating more love, joy, abundance and peace in our life. Jackie leads a full life as a Mother, Yoga Inspired Life & Business Coach, Yoga Teacher, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, Speaker, Writer.


Susan Turnbull has an extensive background in working with the “energy of emotions” and this includes but is not limited to being a Transformational Beliefs Coach, Emotional Energy Specialist, Human Design Specialist, Bio-Kinesiology Facilitator, Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host and Spiritual Intuitive. Susan’s coaching clients span the globe where for the past 15 years she has assisted countless people in breaking through their self-limiting and self-defeating beliefs and behaviors. Through her one of a kind proprietary “Beliefs Breakthrough Coaching Assessments”, Susan’s ability to assist her clients in breaking through to the core beliefs and issues blocking her clients success is unprecedented. In addition to her unique and effective style of coaching, Susan has created another ground breaking program called “Spiritual Integration” that can take any busy executive or soccer mom and teach them how to integrate the spiritual tools into their busy everyday lives so that progress is on warp speed. Nothing ever goes away until it teaches you what you need to learn. Susan’s coaching methods teaches you what you need to learn in a way that accelerates your growth without interrupting your life.