A Fresh Perspective May Be Exactly What You Need

fresh-perspectiveFor some reason I have a strong, demanding, and unrelenting compulsion to share what I learn with the world. It’s not that I think I know more than others; it’s not because I think I need to change others; and it’s not because I think it’s my duty and purpose to do so.

It’s simply because the impulse to share is unshakeable…it won’t go ignored.

In all honesty, at times it would have felt a lot easier…and safer…just not to share. I could stay in my cocoon, focus on me and my world. I wouldn’t have to face the possibilities of judgement, rejection, and failure. I wouldn’t have to experience the feelings of doubt, shame, and fear. And I wouldn’t have to feel the pressures and expectations of achievement, accomplishment and success.

…but I suspect that’s why my Soul Team has set me up with such an urgency to share. It’s not only with the intent to benefit others…although that is a beautiful side effect…but it has also required me to bump up against all those things so that I could break them down. It’s required me to look much deeper than I would have otherwise. It’s required me to encounter the discomfort of being faced with my innermost limits and fears.

And on the flip side, sharing has also opened up my world to connections I would not have otherwise made, fulfillment I would not have otherwise felt, and exploration and creativity I would not have otherwise experienced.

But it’s in the having to have crossed the threshold of my limits and make way for the new territory that has given me different perspectives, and that has shown me alternative ways to live and enjoy life. My inclination to want to share what I’ve learned and continue to learn (aka the work I do), has broadened what I have to offer. And as I learn and become aware of more, it opens the space to breathe more into my life and allows for an upgraded reality to emerge…which I then enjoy sharing with you. xo

Because here’s the thing, it’s in your willingness to see things with a new perspective; through a different lens, that loosens the solidity of your current reality and allows a newer and elevated life to be revealed.

Now listen, I am not pretending to have all my shit together, and I’m not claiming to be an expert on life. But I do have some perspectives that can open your mind, expand your possibilities, give you permission, and bring some much needed relief.

Cause dear friend, relief is the launching pad into something new. It clears the way. It unclogs the gunk.

It’s for these reasons that I’ve come to the realization I need to become more fearless in my sharing. I must be unapologetic for what I have to offer.  And I need to be unrestricted in how I share it all.

Not because you need me; not because you can’t do this on your own; and not because I’ve got all my shit together and know better than you.

But because I may possibly share a new angle on life. Because in sharing what I’ve learned along my trail may possibly give you permission to embrace everything along yours. Because I may be able to share a viewpoint that could possibly bring you some relief and new awareness. Because I may possibly bring some lightness to what sometimes feels heavy.

…And because you may possibly need reminding that you are meant to have an outrageously good life. Yes, you are meant to lead a charmed life.

So, on that note, if you’d like to start tipping the scales in favor of your outrageously charmed life, here’s a simple and fun way to start paving the way – http://www.absoluteawareness.ca/new-focus-new-reality-experiment/.