Trisha Savoia

Living Freely. Living Fully.


Trisha-Savoia3There was a part of me that just knew life wasn’t supposed to be a struggle; it wasn’t meant to be hard. But because I kept listening to the outside chatter instead of trusting myself, I wondered if maybe I got it wrong.


Even though my soul nudged, then shoved, then screamed…for way too long I fiercely clung to all the rules, structures, and ways of being that I thought I needed to live by in order to have the kind of life I thought I wanted.


Thankfully my soul is a little bit of a shit disturber, and it wouldn’t let me settle. Your soul is too.


Our soul is always calling us in the direction of our heart’s desires. And mine was a-whole-hellva-alotta-persistent that life was supposed to be a-whole-hellva-allota more fun.


So, little by little I have been undoing, unravelling and untangling from all the ideas that weren’t even mine.


Little by little I gave myself permission to trust what I was feeling; and I stopped making myself wrong.


Little by little I stopped telling the stories I didn’t want in my life; and I started telling the ones I did.


Little by little I started living what I wanted; and I stopped waiting for it to change on its own.


Little by little I relinquished control and aligned with my Soul.


…and it has been a huge relief.


I feel way lighter…I am much happier…I feel more peaceful…and I have joyfully surrendered…most days…to intuitively living my life always knowing that LIFE KNOWS WHAT IT’S DOING.


Of course, I’ve had my fair share of distrusting, doubting, and kicking up a stink. I’ve had out and out tantrums and ugly cries with my Soul Team, wondering WTF. But what has kept me going, and what has gotten much easier, is the knowing that life truly does know what it’s doing.


And from that place, I continue to hold the vision that we ALL get to live life free, full-out and completely unrestricted, knowing that absolutely anything is possible. Care to join me?