Are you Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Are you Comfortable in Your Own Skin?

Are you comfortable in you skin?This morning I was at the gym, and while I was on the bike, I was able to see into the group classroom where they were doing a Zumba class. As I was watching, my attention was drawn to a lady, who on the exterior, looked to have it all – amazing figure, gorgeous hair, makeup perfectly applied, top of the line aerobic wear…she was even wearing hoop earrings for the class.

…And even though she initially captured my attention I couldn’t help but be continually drawn to the lady who was behind her.

In comparison the lady behind her “should have” paled…according to societal standards – she was shorter and pleasantly plump, wearing an old purple tie-dye t-shirt (unless this is back in style and I’m unaware), no makeup, hair in a messy ponytail. BUT she was absolutely beautiful! Her energy was so amazing and so contagious that I couldn’t help but stop and watch her for a few minutes (no I’m not usually a creeper!).

Here’s why? The tie-dye wearing gal was completely comfortable in her skin! It was obvious. She allowed herself to fully embrace the, often times, difficult moves of Zumba AND she did it with total joy. She didn’t hold back. She was giving it her all and not giving a hoot what anyone else was thinking.

Whereas the earring wearing gal was stiff and awkward, and appeared to be more concerned about how she looked while she was doing the moves than she was about enjoying the moves. To be clear, I am NOT judging her, because quite honestly if I were in the class I wouldn’t be winning any “Sexy Moves Award” either.

BUT the distinction was so overt I couldn’t help but make this observation, and the lesson in it is a very powerful one.

How often do you hold back from fully expressing yourself – whether verbally, emotionally or physically?

I certainly know this has been part of my journey…allowing my true self to emerge and stop being so concerned with what others were thinking and saying about me. To be honest, I first had to figure out who the heck my “true self” even was….but that’s a whole other story.

But the proof is in the puddin’ as they say (really, I don’t why they say that, but I’m using it anyway). We are naturally more drawn to those who are comfortable in their own skin.

We don’t need perfection, we don’t need flawlessness….we need REAL!!!

So, post your comments below…Where may you not be comfortable in your skin?