Are You Parenting a Sensitive & Intuitive Child?

Integrity CodeLast week I shared with you a personal story as to WHY Soulful Parenting is so important to me.  That story revolved around my own experience with growing up, but my WHY is even bigger than that.

The reason The Soulful Parent Program is so important to me is because as my children were growing it became very obvious how intuitive and sensitive they were.

…and here’s WHY this will be important to you too.  You more than likely are ALSO parenting a sensitive and intuitive child…in fact I’d place money on it.

I have two children…and they both fall on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to sensitivity, intuition, and personality.  Keeps us on our toes!

To start I’ll tell you about my son (with his permission). This isn’t a story I usually share right out of the gate, because quite frankly it may seem unusual, BUT it’s an important one since many children are experiencing the same. …maybe even your child, unbeknownst to you.

At the age of 3, my son kept recounting the same story over and over about a monster in his room.  Since ‘monsters in rooms’ is a fairly common kid fear, we initially didn’t think much of it…and we tried to calm the fear with “monster spray” and numerous other strategies.

But one day, after hearing the same monster story for the umpteenth time, something made me ask what the monster looked like. …and my jaw dropped (yet there was a part of me that wasn’t surprised at all).

What he described was a person.  I knew in that instant that it wasn’t imaginary monsters he was seeing; he was seeing Spirits (aka ghosts!).  And in that moment the recollection of my motherly intuition came flooding back since there were several times when he was a baby where the thought “he’s seeing something” popped into my head.

Upon realizing this, it became very important to me that I learn how to parent him in a way that allowed him to stay open and in touch with this higher sensitivity, because I knew at some level that this had also probably been the case for me.

Even though I don’t have memories of “seeing” things, so many of the fears he had were exactly the same as mine growing up, so I could definitely relate and empathize.  I also knew, that in having shut it down, it has taken me yeeears to open up and trust my intuitive sense.  I didn’t want that for him.

Then enter my daughter.  I never did have the sense she was “seeing” things, but it didn’t take long to recognize that she was bringing a whole other sensitivity to the table!

She was highly sensitive in the fact that as a young child she had many different anxieties…which felt challenging at the time; and as she grew more of her sensitivities emerged – very particular about the feel of clothes, shut down when something didn’t go her way or didn’t understand something, had a tendency to take things personally, is very sensitive to tone and body cues, etc.

Granted this is a list of some of the challenges that can occur when parenting a highly sensitive child, but don’t get me wrong, there are many, many blessings too.  With this high sensitivity, comes high intuition.  And when we are tapped into our intuitive sense, life is so much easier…we are given guidance every step of the way.

Knowing this, more than anything, what I wanted most for my kids was for them to be who they are and to stay tapped into this incredible Higher Power (in its different forms).

Just as my son showed me parts of myself, I also recognized parts of myself through my daughter that had long been laying dusty, ignored and dormant.

So, it became very obvious to me that as I was learning how to raise them in a way that allowed them to be who they are, I was going to be remembering who I was. …and who knows maybe this is why they came to me (oh yeah…and my husband!…guess he had a part in this too!)

What I found was that traditional parenting just wasn’t going to cut it…not if I was to stay true to my commitment of allowing them to be who they are and stay tapped into their intuition.

So, it didn’t take long to realize that the parenting books and manuals weren’t going to support my intention.  Even the “spiritual” books weren’t really what I was looking for.  They often labelled kids…and my kids never fell under one category anyway…so that was no help!

I realized that just as much as I wanted my kids to hold onto and embrace their intuition, I was going to need MY intuition to parent them.  

I’m not gonna lie, that meant having to release my people-pleasing, over-achieving, perfectionistic, over-analyzing tendencies!  And whoo-ee, that’s a whole other story!

For now, all you need to know is that by becoming a conscious Soulful Parent, on the other side of that is peace and calm…and the pride in a “job” well done.

So as much as this program is about allowing your kids to be who they are, the truth is there’s a huge side effect – you’re gonna end up learning a whole lot about yourself as well.  It’s like a 2 for 1!  AND trust me this is something your kids will DEFINITELY thank you for!

So, if this speaks to you, PLEASE join me for my 10 Week Soulful Parent Program.  I would LOVE for you to be part of it!

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