Be Careful What You Get Inspired By

struggle or easeI love to read. Always have. I’m sure always will.


I love to watch tv, movies, and documentaries (oh, and let’s not forget The Bachelor! 😉 ). Sometimes maybe a little too much.


But it’s the stories that I love.


Through books, tv, movies, and a variety of other platforms, there’s always stories being told. People have things to say. People have stories to share.




We need to be careful what we get inspired by.


  • Are you inspired by triumph over struggle?
  • Do you praise the person who succeeds through dogged hard work?
  • Do you admire those who sacrifice themselves for others?
  • Do you applaud those who strive and push their way to success?


It’s not unusual if you do. We’ve been trained to respect and commend these gripping feats of achievement. We’ve been led to believe that…


  • struggle equals value
  • hardship equals honor
  • adversity equals worth
  • suffering equals meaning


Sure, we certainly can – and do – learn, grow, and evolve through pain and struggle. And I absolutely am not taking away the compassion and empathy we have for people who have travelled a hard road. But, we get to choose how we want to learn, grow, and evolve.


We can grow through pain and struggle. Or we can grow through joy and ease.


I mean, these eventful and difficult kinds of stories certainly do make for a riveting read or a captivating watch. But how about we start leaving them to the novelists and movie directors?


How about you be inspired to experience and live your life through joy and ease?


Those are the stories I’m drawn to.


The theme of revered adversity became glaringly obvious as I started to read and watch biographies. I was looking to be uplifted and inspired by the stories of others, but instead I was met with the overt trend of the celebration of struggle.


We’ve been so conditioned to slug things out the hard way, that it may seem counter-intuitive to take the path of ease, flow, trust, and joy. We have been so engrained with the idea of how things “should” be that we go against our own in-house guidance system.


And yes! We have one! We have an in-house guidance system. Some call it intuition, some call it spirit, some call it gut instinct. It doesn’t matter what we label it. What matters is that we remember we have one!


Cause honestly, are you not drained? And tired? And overwhelmed? And weary? And depleted? Don’t you just want to curl up into a comfy cozy bed and sleep?


For real. This earnest drive to tenaciously go after what we want, and get consumed by all the obligations, responsibilities, and rules is exxxhaaauussting.


So stop being inspired by those who evangelize struggle and strife.


Sure, it’s one way. But it’s certainly not the ONLY way. And absolutely NOT my way.