Believing You are a Creator can be Wobbly

To really anchor in and know you’re a creator once and for all, with no looking back, can take some practice. The reason being is because we were taught we were at the whim of outside forces. That, of course, is BS but we can’t help but be influenced by the conditioning of it.


We were taught that life happens to us and that our best bet is to learn how to roll with the punches. Wow, how inspiring is that?! That certainly doesn’t make me want to get out of bed in the morning excited about life.


The truth is we definitely have direct input as to how our lives play out. Not just by how we react to life, but in actually creating it.


But how do you start to really believe that? Well first start by just deciding. If it feels right, don’t question it. Decide. I’m a creator. With that decision all the energies around you must line up to support your decision…that’s how creation is done.


And then start to experiment. Play with the energy. Start talking to it. Make it your friend. It’s there to be molded and shaped, so do that.


Start simple, ask for a visible sign. I started by asking for different license plate configurations. My first was asking my Soul Team to show me 000. I had fun playing with numbers. To this day I have a set up and known agreement that 777 is my sign from them (which is really just me in my higher non-physical form) to let me know that I’m on the right path. I see them regularly and know they’re a wink from my Soul Team. If the signs start feeling sparse, I ask what’s up, if there’s anything I need to know, and ask to be shown a 777 for reassurance. It’s one way I talk with my team.


Numbers is a great starting place, but feel free to get creative. Play with the energy. And then stay open to what you asked for coming in unexpected ways.


I talk to my team A LOT. I am always asking questions…and I always get the answers…always. Usually pretty quick now…because that’s what I set up to expect. I ask the little mundane questions- If I forget a name, I ask them to drop it down for me. And I ask the bigger life questions – what is my next best step to get to where I want to be and how I want to feel?


Nothing is off limits. It’s like having your own perfectly designed Siri or Alexa, but your Soul Team’s field of expertise is unlimited, and tapped right into your greatest desires! It literally knows everything!


Fortifying your faith in you being a creator comes down to your willingness to establish communication with that unlimited, endless infinite intelligence within you…and then paying attention to what shows up in your life.


So often when something unwanted shows up, we decide we can’t possibly be the creator. “I would never have choose to create this.” BUT if you’re a creator, you got to be willing to acknowledge and accept you’ve created it ALL. When unwanted shows up, trace back your thoughts and feelings. I assure you, if you’re willing to own it, you’ll find a connection.


If you don’t own that all aspects of your life are created by you, you will always feel victim to it.


And in owning even the not-so-fun bits, it empowers you to make a different choice. You can change the energy around it which will start to rearrange your reality…as long as you don’t let doubt, worry, and fear over power it.


On that note, to help stop the wobblies, just cozy on up to your Soul Team and start consciously creating your own darn life. No better solution than that! You can start here (free) –