Carry Yourself Like a Divine Leader & Watch the Energies Respond

Everything is within you. You are the Source. You generate the power. …Now you need to carry that knowing and that energy into your life.


You are the Leader in your life. No one and nothing outside of you dictates who and what you are. You take the lead; you call the shots; you set the example.


No more playing small or victim to your circumstances. A Divine Leader never views themselves as a less-than-perfect human.


Being the Leader of your life means you have the ability to create and experience your reality in this realm. You have the ability to work with, shape and mold energy any way you choose, without limitations. You know you are the power, and understand that energies serve you…not the other way around.


Carrying yourself as a Divine Leader is not about “faking it til you make it.” This is about remembering who you are, and owning it. Let Spirit live through you. See yourself as a portal and channel of good.


Whenever you remember who you are there is a surge of empowered energy that enters you. When you act like a Divine Leader you change the way energy is brought in which changes your reality. You then carry yourself as one who walks with confidence and certainty.


You understand that the Divine in others understands the Divine in you. And you’ll start to find that other’s respond to your loving and powerful energy in a way where words aren’t always necessary. It’s not that you are commanding others, it’s simply that you are commanding the energy.


This is not the kind of energy that is over-powering and over-bearing to others. It is a gentle and calm energy that exudes confidence, knowing, and love. When you are filled with this energy you find you will walk differently, talk differently, act differently, and respond differently.


This is who you really are. You were never, nor will ever be, just a mere human at the mercy of what life throws at you.