Are You Parenting a Sensitive & Intuitive Child?

Last week I shared with you a personal story as to WHY Soulful Parenting is so important to me.  That story revolved around my own experience with growing up, but my WHY is even bigger than that. The reason The Soulful Parent Program is so important to me is because as my children were growing it became very obvious how intuitive and sensitive they were. …and here’s WHY this will be important to you too.  You more than likely are ALSO parenting a sensitive and intuitive child…in fact I’d place money on it. I have two children…and they both fall on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to sensitivity, intuition, and personality.  Keeps us on our toes! To start I’ll tell you about my son (with his permission). This isn’t a story I usually share right out of the gate, because quite frankly it may seem unusual, BUT it’s an important one since many children are experiencing the same. …maybe even your child, unbeknownst to you. At the age of 3, ...

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38 Markers You’re on the Right Track with Your Parenting!

Recently I sent this question to my Soulful Parent Community - What are some markers that show you are on the right track with your kids? I got some fantastic responses! And I'm not gonna lie, some of them came from those who have taken my Soulful Parent Program, so I couldn't help but be excited about the fact that some important shifts are taking place. Without further ado, here were the responses...

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