Challenge What You Think You Know

blog1It’s time to challenge why you do the things you do. It’s time to challenge the way you think. It’s time to challenge how you feel. It’s time to challenge who you think you are.


All of it’s up for questioning.


It’s time you became curious about and questioned everything you think you’ve known. …because frankly…most of it isn’t true.


We’ve been misled. We’ve been misguided. We’ve been manipulated. Gasp…manipulated?! Yes, even manipulated. Sometimes through innocent means by our caregivers who were also unsuspectingly manipulated…and most definitely through greed-driven intent by establishments whose sole focus was on suppression and the bottom-line.


This isn’t about being victimized. There’s no point in looking to place blame. Instead it’s time to course correct.


In fact, the course correct is already in motion. Currently it may look to be in the form of chaos and disruption, but don’t be fooled by what it looks like on the outside. Behind all the chaos there is a new energy emerging; an energy that is based in the truth of who we are.


As this new energy is emerging, everything that is not aligned with love and truth is being pushed out into the open. Blinders are being taken off and we’re seeing clearly where changes must be made.


As the old is being dismantled we are seeing an escalation and intensity coming to the surface of all the crap and untruths we have been putting up with. …and it’s no longer being tolerated.


We are eager. We are ready for the new…ready to finally be living life to the Divine Standard we were always meant to be living it. We no longer want to live in the densities and low frequencies that have kept us in survival mode; that have kept us in struggle; that have kept us in lack, limitation and scarcity; and that have kept us in fear.


There has been a stirring and a restlessness that has been bubbling under the surface because we are so tired and drained by the old energy. We can kinda, maybe, sorta, feel the promise of something new, but due to how things seem to appear on the surface, we may mistakenly believe that things are getting worse.


But this is just a purging. This is a cleansing. It’s preparing us and providing us with a clean slate. It’s all meant to elevate us into higher territory.


These new energies are bringing in ease, peace, joy and abundance. In truth, these energies have always been here, been within us, but we were too loaded down, supressed, and indoctrinated with the old conditioning that we didn’t have easy access to these qualities. The access was always available, we just didn’t know where or how to locate it.


Well, paths are being cleared. And it takes a willingness and an awareness to be open to them, see them, and invite them in.


If you’re not willing, you will continue to see the destruction, and it will feel heavy, hard, and hopeless.  …but it’s anything but hopeless.


Though it may not always look like it, this is a time to be excited. This is a time to celebrate. Change is on the way. And it’s the kind of change that brings true freedom.


But to bring forth this freedom, we need to challenge a few things. So, I am going to play the role of…what one of my good friend’s so lovingly called me…a Spiritual Shit Disturber.


I’m going to challenge your thinking. I’m going to challenge your thought systems. I’m going to challenge your current ways of being. I’m going to challenge what you believe. I’m going to challenge what you view as real. I’m going to challenge what you think you’ve known.


Stay with me on this…if there’s even a little part of you that is mildly curious…stay with me…because it may open you up to an entirely different world.


I want you to challenge yourself. Question everything you thought was true.


To prepare you just a little, at the start, this may cause some discomfort; this may cause some irritation; and you can be fairly certain you will get triggered along the way. You may find yourself wanting to fight for the old, wanting to argue for your limitations, and wanting to defend your world. You may resist the idea that there is another way…but there most certainly is.


If you are willing to start to investigate the old, it may cause you to pause just enough to re-think things…and that, my friend, is what opens the doors to all possibilities. It’s in your willingness to see things with a new perspective; through a different lens, that loosens the solidity of your current reality and allows a newer and elevated life to be revealed.


There is so much more available for you than you’ve ever been lead to believe or ever been allowed to imagine.


It’s time to set your imagination free. Anything…and yes, I mean anything…is possible.


That true freedom I speak of only comes through remembering the truth of your divine nature and being willing to challenge the old paradigms.


In flipping the script on them, you are free to start creating your life on your terms according to your rules with your own unique flare! …because face it, you didn’t come here to just fit in. You came here to stand out and do your thing…whatever that may be.