Chaos Before the Calm

Chaos Before the Calm

My husband once overheard me talking to someone saying, “there is chaos before the calm, ” and he thought that I was mixing up a common cliché.  The reason this comment seemed odd to him is that most of us have never been taught that all the struggle, hardship, drama, and conflict that occurs in our life is actually a catalyst to creating change…if we are willing to view it that way.

Instead we tend to over-analyze, over-think, and beat ourselves up for the “chaos” that is occurring in our lives.  We feel like we are doing something wrong, and as an extension, we are “less than.”

But the truth of the matter is that without some of the chaos rising to the surface, we aren’t always aware of what needs to be changed.  Our chaos, our triggers, and the way we react to them are simply highlighting what needs to be looked at in our lives.

At this point we hit a fork in the road.  We can choose to become consumed with the drama, conflict, and struggle; choosing to blame outside factors for it happening.  Or we can choose to see it for what it is…something isn’t working; we can dig a little deeper and go inward to see exactly what it is that is no longer working for us.

Depending on our choice, we will either continue forward resisting and creating more struggle, or we will begin to see the “bigger picture” which will lead us to creating needed changes that are going to eventually lead to the calm that we all desire.

Trisha Savoia is founder/owner of Absolute Awareness, and creator of the The Integrity Code, and The Soulful Parent Programs. Through her programs, writing, and speaking she uses her skills, experience, and intuition as a mother, teacher, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Entrepreneur to help guide moms to recover their true selves and their intuition, while at the same time learn how to parent so their children can do the same.