Claim Your Story – the soulful way

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GemmaWe all have a story. The story of our past shows us where we’ve been, but it does not define where we are going. In every moment we are making a decision to design a life we love – or not.


When I was younger, I loved skiing. My mom would pack us up early every weekend morning and drive us to the hill. The slopes would open at 8 am and we’d be carving tracks until the lights went out. There’s something sacred about being the first on the hill, floating through fresh powder. I would often look behind me, admiring how my skis sliced through the snow, analyzing my turns and noticing how I could improve. Then I would look forward, where the rest of the hill was open. I could go anywhere I wanted to go. The tracks behind me were beautiful and I was free to choose my next turn. There are many things I appreciate about my snow-loving days, but one lesson rises to the top: our tracks show us where we’ve been, but they do not determine where we are going.


The story of your life is powerful. Everyone has a story and every story is layered. Parts of your life have already been written, and while you can’t change the facts, you can change your perception. How do you perceive your past? And, what perception would bring you more freedom in the present? The facts of the past are the facts, but your story of what they mean can change everything. If you’re not interested in changing your perception of the past, focusing on writing a future you love.


Living a life you love means honoring all of who you are. We all have the ability to design our lives to match our desires. Sometimes we get off course and end up with a life that feels draining. We feel hobbled and paralyzed, unable to detect the call of the life we love. So, we resort to what is comfy and familiar – our to-do lists, unhealthy coping mechanisms, busyness, old habits, and self-help books.

We all arrive on this planet with possibility and potential and a desire to live a great life. With all the demands we face and all the balls we juggle, our vision can veer off-course and even end up in the ditch.


The true you – the vibrant, alive, dynamic, creative, expressive parts of you – can be uncovered. Even if your constructed self feels broken or damaged, your true self is whole and complete. You have everything you need to design a life you love. Your confusion, your clarity, your light, your dark, your knowing, your questioning, your deviance, and your divine are all pathways on the sacred adventure of designing a life you love.


Showing up and brilliantly living your own unique part will complete the whole. When you fall in love with your life, you add to the love story of the cosmos. If we are to survive as a species, the collective story of our world must be a story of love. We need your love story in order to be complete.


Gemma picGemma Stone is a psychology expert who helps people love their life and add love to the world. She is the author of Your Great Life: a soulful and strategic guide to designing a life you love and has mentored thousands of people through her mentoring programs. Gemma speaks about the psychology of soulful change at colleges, conventions, and conferences across the continent and facilitates luxury retreats all over the world. Learn about how to live a life you love and add love to the world at