Want to live a life you’re excited about?

Well then, that necessitates the need for you to own your creator status.


Becoming a conscious creator requires you to be willing to let go of your old conditioning and embrace your true divine nature.


You are not at the whim of outside forces.


You are a creator…a co-creator to be more precise. You came here to intermingle and participate in the worldly adventures that are possible for you. You came here for the adventure, fun and joy of it all. And you have a strong and powerful presence that is the larger part of you that remained in non-physical form that is coordinating, guiding, and along-side you the entire way…hence where the co-creator part comes in.


This Conscious Creator Course equips you with everything you need to get you primed, ready and available for a new reality to emerge for you.


Throughout the next 15 days you will clear your energy field, and reprogram it for even better. In the span of these short days you will have set an entirely new trajectory for where your life is going.


This course is intended to set you up with the foundations of what you need to know in order to become the conscious creator you came here to be. Enjoy!



Here’s what the 15 days will look like…


Day 1- Your Universe is Alive

Day 2 – Raising Your Consciousness to Create with Ease

Day 3 – Establishing a Practice to Own Your Powerful Creator Status

Day 4 – Remembering Who You Are, What You Are, and Why You Came Here

Day 5 – You Create Your Own Personal World

Day 6 – You Are Worthy of All You Desire and Ask For

Day 7 – Establishing a Direct Connection to Your Creative Source

Day 8 – Create with Ease Using Spiritual Laws

Day 9 – Surrendering Your Conditioning and Creating Space for the New

Day 10 – Program Your Energy Field with Your New and Exciting Vision

Day 11 – Flow Energy Only To That Which You Want

Day 12 – Stop the Habit of Focusing on the Unwanted

Day 13 – Be Aware of the In-Between Stage

Day 14 – Get the Energy Moving By Taking Your Next Best Steps

Day 15 – Surrender and Allow It All to Make its Way to You



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