Day 1 Conscious Creator Course – Your Universe is Alive

You are a creator, and in order to create and live the kind of life you are meant to live, there are two things you need to know and understand:


  1. Energy – You live in an intelligent and benevolent energy-based universe that operates according to certain energy principles. Through the thread of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and ideas (referred to as your consciousness) you are in every moment emitting a particular frequency that your Universe responds to. The energy moves and shapes according to the instructions it receives through your vibrational signature.


  1. Higher Power – You are not in this alone. You have a team of unseen support and guidance. The largest of part of you remained in non-physical form, and only a sliver of you came down to be in human form. You always and forever remain connected to this larger part of you, which is often referred to as Higher Self, Source, Universe, God, Creative Intelligence, etc. This Higher Power is always helping, and calling you into the highest expression of who you are.


You live in a responsive universe. You have been led to believe that the world you live in is static and regulated by specific laws established through science thousands of years ago. But this just simply is not the case. Ancient teachings have been trying to tell us about the responsive nature of our universe for centuries.  This is not a recent discovery.  But now science has started to support spirituality and the tides are changing. And trust me, you’ll want to ride this wave!


All you need to do is be open to becoming aware and changing some of your old, out-dated…and quite frankly stall and humdrum…ways of thinking.


Your World is Different from What You’ve Been Taught


Things that we have been told are solid fact, are in fact not solid at all.


The Universe is malleable and always moving. We create in it through what we think and feel.

It’s for this reason that it’s really important to start asking yourself the question – what have I believed to be fact, solid, and unchangeble?


So many of the things that we naturally take for granted all need to come into question. Ask yourself – who said this is true? Who said this has to be true? Can it be different? What would I choose?


A conscious creator doesn’t allow the outside world to choose for them.


Take, for example, the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Science has told us that. But why are we putting science above the wisdom of our own body? Science has helped us understand and explain many things and is very useful in a lot of cases, but not when we let it override our innate inner knowing.


Forget What You Think You Know


Create a clean slate in your mind and in your energy field.


You need to forget what you think you know, because so much of it is based on thousands and thousands of years of misinformation that is contradictory to the truth of how the Universe really works.


There’s much, much more available to us and much, much more possible for us.


We have become so steeped in what we think we know that it doesn’t leave us much wiggle room for change to happen. We end up on a repetitive loop of bringing our past into our future, therefore creating much of life to look the same…and it hasn’t allowed us to uplevel and experience our lives in a way that is truly possible and available to us.


Here’s what you need…


You need to be willing to forget what you have come to believe as true, and be willing to open up and expand into new ways.


You need to start to trust that there is a different way and that you have help in many forms to support you as you elevate into a new and conscious way of being and living.


You need to have a desire to stay the course when it gets a little bumpy. Because you are challenging a lot of the old, there will be some bumps along the way. You may want to cling to the old out of a sense of safety, but that is a false safety net. Your strong desire for something more will help keep you heading in the direction you want to be heading.


So, let it all go – your past, your problems, your ideas, your beliefs – and let’s start with an entirely new clean slate. It can only get better from here.


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