Day 1 No Striving Challenge – A Different Slant on GOALS

No Striving BadgeWhether you’ve been aware of it or not, striving has been at the core of your struggles, overwhelm and frustrations. It may not overtly appear that way, but striving has seeped into most aspects of our lives and has been affecting us at very deep levels.


We are either:

  1. Actively striving to change, fix or improve some aspect of our lives OR
  2. We feel GUILTY for NOT striving more to change, fix or improve some aspect of our lives


Either way, striving has got us on the hook.


Here’s the dictionary definition of striving –

To make strenuous efforts toward any GOAL.


Today we are going to focus on the GOAL part of this definition.


Our current way of defining goals has been to place our desires and drives to achieve something outside of ourselves. This causes us to look and act externally to reach the achievement of that goal.


Because we are coming from an external viewpoint, we feel the weight of responsibility on us to achieve those goals by doing, taking action, and efforting. This continual mode of “doing” something to make it happen leads to stress, anxiety and burn out.


But good news…there is a different way.


When we shift our goals to Emotional Goals, the whole energy shifts from external to internal. When this happens; when we care first and foremost about how we feel, everything else takes care of itself.


Let me back up a bit here and fill in a possible gap. Absolutely everything in our Universe is made up of energy…that includes your thoughts and feelings. Energy vibrates at different frequencies, and the Universe responds to the frequency of your vibration. This vibration is translated to you via how you feel; your emotions. (This is a large concept which I cover in depth in another program.)


So, in a nutshell, when you care about how you feel, the Universe responds to that vibration and helps you accomplish your desires in a much easier way – struggles fall away, the perfect people come into your life, opportunities arise, deeper connections are made, you receive unexpected gifts, etc.


With that being said, this brings us to your first Soul Team Chat. You have a Soul Team that is with you and helping you every step of the way. It’s a great practice to get into to chat with them everyday and become aware that you always have guidance and a team doing the work for you. Today’s chat will set the tone for the next 31 days…and beyond. It will be your guiding light to helping you release the drive to strive and instead relax into life.


Soul Team Chat

  1. Choose 1 – 5 Emotional Goals that will be the key words you focus on as the beacon calling you to what you truly want to “achieve” in your life. (ie. My words are Joy, Freedom, Ease, Light-Heartedness, Energized) HINT: Google emotions to get ideas of words you can use.