Day 10 Conscious Creation Course – Program Your Energy Field with Your New and Exciting Vision

You prepared a blank slate by purging and surrendering your conditioning and anything that was tugging at your consciousness. Now you are going to consciously begin writing on that new slate. You are going to write your vision of how you want your life to be, and how you want your life to feel. You are starting to flow energy to what you want.


The purpose of this is not so that you create a mandate, and dictate to your Soul Team what you want, but it’s so you start connecting with a larger and more exciting vision for yourself. So often we aim too low because that’s all we know. Now it’s time to dream big. Dream for yourself beyond what you ever dreamed possible before.


“Many a man is building for himself in imagination a bungalow when he should be building a palace.”

~Florence Scovel Schinn


The purpose of your vision is so you can start to see yourself and feel yourself in this new reality, because whatever you think most often, imagine in your mind, and tell yourself becomes your reality.


Imagining is planning.


One thing I want to make really clear, is that writing your vision is not about trying to make anything happen. This is not about setting goals, and fervently going after them. This is about setting a target beyond what you previously thought possible, and allowing the divine to lead you there.


Write your vision…and then drop it. Let it go. Let your Soul Team take care of the rest.


Don’t try to figure out how it will happen. Don’t set a time limit to it. Don’t doubt if it’s possible. Don’t keep checking-in to see if it’s happened yet. Don’t worry about it if it seems to be taking too long. Don’t let your conscious mind try to determine the end results for you.


This vision you wrote isn’t about you trying to create something. It’s already created. It’s already done. It’s already realized. This vision is about remembering.


By allowing yourself to play around with your imagination and dream bigger opens up access to possibilities and potential that were already there…but you just didn’t have access to them before. Now you do. And now a new course has been set.


In writing your vision, feel free to get specific if you want, but only do so if it feels good. Sometimes in the specifics we can unknowingly activate a vibe of “that can’t happen” because it may feel too far away from what we think is a logical possibility.


What’s most important in writing your vision is about how you want to feel. Take different aspects of your life and really describe how it feels. Describe your work, your relationships, your finances, your interests, your travel, your experiences, etc. Whatever is important to you, and whatever you want to include in your new reality, write about it. And write about it all in present tense. Acknowledge that it’s already done. In fact, you can write it in the form of a thank you letter if that feels good to you. Thanking your Soul Team, or someone who feels relevant to address it do, for the amazing life you are living.


Once your vision is written, talk, act, believe, and feel like what you want is how it is. Come from an inner place of already knowing you are that person. At first it may feel slightly delusional, but practice only speaking of what feels good and is wanted.


This isn’t about inauthentically bolstering the truth to satisfy your ego and make yourself look good. This is about connecting with the larger part of you, and tapping in to a deeper truth of who you are…and then living from that space.


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