Day 10 No Striving Challenge – You might be an Over-Analyzer if…

No Striving BadgeOver-Analyzing
happens when we are more in our heads than we are our hearts. We use our minds to “figure things out” and come up with explanations, plans, and ideas…we over-think things. This gives the feeling you can control your logical mind.


You might be an Over-Analyzer if…

  • You often question and doubt yourself and your choices
  • You over-think your decisions and choices
  • You lose sleep over questions like –

– Did she take what I said the wrong way?
– Should I have done that a different way?

  • You over emphasize the logical and practical
  • You are uncomfortable with acknowledging your emotions


Soul Team Chat 

    1. Do you spend a lot of time and energy mentally trying to figure things out?
    2. Are there areas of your life where your mind has trouble releasing control?