Day 11 Conscious Creation Course – Flow Energy Only To That Which You Want

What you focus on expands. It’s just that simple.


So it’s imperative that you get into the habit of stubbornly focusing on that which you want.


The lure to focus, talk about, and complain about what isn’t working is really seductive…simply because it’s the habit that we have practiced…but it will not create the kind of life you want nor deserve. Your lack of discipline will only keep you within the realm of limited possibilities and potentials.


Each of us has our own energy signature, our own vibrational address, and we broadcast that signal out into the Universe where other people, things and events with similar signals will be attracted to us. There’s nothing else we have to do. We just need to relax and allow the Universe to do its thing. …but it does require our consistent focus and commitment to directing our energy to the wanted.


We don’t have to seek. We don’t have to make things happen. We just need to be aware of the energy we are bringing and broadcasting so that we can allow what we want to be revealed.


Look for the good.  Look for what you can appreciate in each moment. Train yourself to look for that which is good and enhance that which is already working.  It is a discipline, it is a practice, and it is a conscious decision…the benefits of which are great.


If you would like to add the powerful focuser of gratitude, you may be interested in adding this to your practice – New Focus; New Reality Experiment: 15 Days of Shaping Your Life through Love and Gratitude.


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