Day 12 Conscious Creation Course – Stop the Habit of Focusing on the Unwanted

In the words of Elizabeth Gilbert…”Your fears are boring.” Yep, there ya have it. They’re boring. Nothing special, nothing unique, nothing creative. So let’s just stop talking about them. Period.


Not only are they boring, but feeding your fears, worries and doubts only feeds the energy of them. Whatever you focus on expands…you know this already…this is no longer a new idea, but it will take some practice to break the habit you’ve created around focusing on what you don’t want.


But doesn’t the fact that it’s just a habit make you feel a little bit better? Habits aren’t truth. Habits can change. …So this means you aren’t stuck. This means you get to choose differently. This means you can let the old die out and allow the new to come in.


This also means you need to go against the long held belief that you must “face reality.” In fact, quite the opposite is true. As counter-intuitive as it seems, you must be willing to see past your current reality, and hold the vision of what it is you truly want. You must stop looking at, speaking of, and thinking about “what is” and instead settle into the knowing that you are a Divine Being, a creator, and that through the raising of your consciousness you are able to adjust your outer world as well.


This may feel a little delusional to you at first, since you’ll probably feel compelled to say “Yeah but, this is really happening, this is really true.” Resist this urge to face reality. It’s only your current reality because of the focus you previously had given it. Focus elsewhere, and a new reality can emerge. Be okay with feeling a little delusional for a little while.


So how do you break this habit?


  1. Whatever you have going on within you often worms its way out in the form of talking about it, venting about it, and trying to solve it through conversation. So the first place to start is to STOP talking about all the things you DON’T want:
  • Stop complaining.
  • Stop telling unwanted stories.
  • Stop talking about your past.
  • Stop talking about how things are (if they aren’t how you want them to be).
  • Stop fighting for your limitations by trying to convince others that something is “true,” or how bad you’ve had it, or trying to “prove” that you have evidence that things aren’t working in your favor.
  • Stop talking about your problems. Period.


If it’s made its way out into verbal form, you can more than likely be assured that you have something going on within you about it. Use this as feedback.


  1. Not only do we vocalize a lot of our fears, worries, and doubts, but we also have many more stories playing in our minds. To break that habit you want to start interrupting those thought patterns. When you feel worry or doubt or fear…or anything unwanted…creeping into your thoughts, have a “go-to” statement to interrupt it. The more you practice this, the quicker you’ll start to catch the worries and fears, and be able to intercept them.


Create a statement that when you say it, it brings relief and brings you out of your worries and back into the present moment. It will be a statement personal to you, but here are some examples:

  • I trust the plan you have for me. (“You” being your Soul Team)
  • This is none of my business.
  • Soul Team, take care of this.
  • Instead I send this love.
  • This is not for me to figure out.
  • This is already being taken care of for me.
  • It’s already done. There’s nothing for me to worry about.
  • OR it could be a song, a sound, a deep breath, a movement…whatever works for you, use it.


Keep practicing the alignment of who you are and what you want until the feeling of what you want feels more familiar than any feelings you have regarding anything unwanted. Continue to keep practicing these “worry interrupts” until you line up with your new worry-free, doubt-free, fear-free “normal.”


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