Day 13 Conscious Creation Course – Be Aware of the In-Between Stage

The in-between phase can be a very uncomfortable place to be. It’s the place where we know what we want, but we don’t yet have what we want. It’s the place where the seeds have been planted, but we can’t see that they have begun to sprout.


It’s certainly during this phase that a lot of our insecurities, doubts, and fears get exposed. This is where our impatience shows up, our lack of trust shows up, our need to have our outer circumstances be what we expect them to be in order for us to be happy shows up.


It’s during this time where our faith and trust is most called into play. We have no choice but to relax into the unfolding of life, or risk going back to live life in a fear-dominated, outer-directed world. It’s during this time where we must dive deeper into our inner world, because this is where the true change happens.


It’s during this time that you need to make friends with the unknown. It’s where you hone the practice of trusting in the Divine; trusting in yourself. It’s where you learn to surrender and acknowledge your Divine nature.


The in-between phase can feel like a roller coaster as you get your bearings and re-calibrate to the truth of who you are, but you will begin to notice short periods where you get a glimpse of peace, ease, and flow, you’ll get a flash of knowing everything is okay, you’ll get a peek at how unfazed you become by outer conditions, and you’ll feel that spark of excitement and eager anticipation of what is coming.


And then you may forget, you may get caught up in the muck of it all again, you may get seduced by the reality of things, and you may slump back into the worries and concerns of life again. BUT, once you’ve experienced this state of your divinity, something inside you changes. You never fully go back to the person you were before. If you’ve experienced the truth for even a second, it’s yours; it never fully leaves you.


Each time you access this state, each time you experience the inner relaxation, the knowingness, the vastness, the ease, it continues to grow stronger. It will become more frequent, and the momentum will build until this state becomes your default. And when you’re able to be more in a state of ease and relaxation, it allows the energies to adjust to reveal your desires.


The hardest part is learning to enjoy the whole journey, while we wait for our external world to catch up.

Be aware that this is a normal part of the journey, so don’t beat yourself up when you encounter these moments. Just continue to challenge the old, embrace your true divine nature, and stay the course.




Every conscious creator has experienced the In-Between Stage. It’s all part of the process. So I totally get it. It’s not always fun, and it’s not always clear how to move through this middle part. It’s for this reason that I have put together a platform called Evolving through the In-Between Stage – Reaching Your Tipping Point with Ease, Resilience & Confidence.


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