Day 13 No Striving Challenge – You might be an Over-Achiever if…

No Striving BadgeOver-Achieving
keeps us from living in the moment. We are never content with what is, and are in a perpetual striving state to “get somewhere.” BUT that somewhere never comes. As soon as we achieve one goal, we quickly move on to the next.


This keeps us from truly appreciating the life we already have. That doesn’t mean that we have to “settle” for the life we have. It is possible to appreciate where we’re at while expecting more good to come into our lives.


As we appreciate what we have and who we are, it sets the stage for more things to appreciate to come into our lives.


You might be an Over-Achiever if…

  • You feel the constant need to be doing something
  • You have a hard time sitting and relaxing without thinking about all the things you could be doing
  • You feel a relentless need to be productive
  • You feel you need to climb the ladder in the pursuit of higher positions, power, and prestige
  • You pride yourself at being a good multi-tasker
  • You seek external symbols to validate your achievements (ie. Attention on grades, trophies, awards, ratings, etc)
  • You gauge your value (and others value) on the evaluation of how much money you’re “worth”
  • You are constantly concerned with deadlines
  • You’re uncomfortable with a slow pace (ie. Annoyed by slow walkers, talkers, drivers, etc)
  • You rush through life. You feel the more you complete the “better” you are.


Soul Team Chat 

  1. Where have you relied on outside achievements and accolades to validate your worth?
  2. Would the term “Adrenaline Junkie” fit the bill for how you are currently living?