Day 14 Conscious Creation Course – Get the Energy Moving By Taking Your Next Best Steps

Often referred to as intuition. Sometimes viewed as following your curiosity. Frequently referred to as inspired action. And others yet talk about it as taking your next best steps. Regardless of what you call it, you do want to take action on everything we’ve been talking about.


This action may not be an outer action, although there will be times you will be inspired to…but there is most definitely inner action you need to take. It starts with becoming aware, becoming conscious, and responding to life differently. No longer reacting from old, worn-out patterns of energy.


Once these old patterns are cleaned up there is no doubt that you will be nudged to take joyful outer action. Not because outer action is required to “make things happen,” but because that is why we are here. We are here to experience, play, and create. We are here to have fun and live fully embracing all this world has to offer.


It’s one thing to know this stuff, but when you aren’t actively living it in your life, it just amounts to a lump of knowledge.


So…no more waiting.


This doesn’t mean that you need to take big action steps, it doesn’t mean you need to plan, it doesn’t mean you need to strategize and outline what you need to do to make your life better.  It just means you listen.


Pay attention to what you’re curious about right now…and then you lean into it. Look stuff up. Make some calls. Read about it.  Do something different. Respond differently. Doesn’t matter…just put some energy towards what interests you and trust that your curiosity is leading you in the right direction…because it is…always.


And the energies will respond accordingly.


There’s nothing that feels better than to get energy moving in a conscious way. As you are engaged in your life it will be a much more enjoyable life.


When you lean into what you’re curious about, each little step is leading you back to who you really are.


It’s not about goals…it’s about a larger vision. So often what you think are your dreams or goals in life never really manifest the way you’d like because they come from a false source. They are still driven from an external drive of what you think you should have to be happy. But your Soul Team always picks up on the underlying vibration of what it is you really want, so when you let go of the rigid ideas of what you think you want, your Soul Team can bring you what it is in an even better package.


It’s for this reason that it is wise to drop the idea of needing goals and plans. You will always have desires. Even when you don’t consciously think or voice them, everything you observe creates a preference in the field. Your Soul Team picks up on it.


So your best course of action is to just follow the next best step that is being given to you. Trust yourself; trust your Soul Team. They have the big picture and can lead your there much more effortlessly than any planning could do.


Your Soul Team is really doing the work for you. It plants the idea, it gathers the resources needed, it gathers the people, etc. Your job is to now follow their lead. Act on the nudges they are giving you…and sometimes those nudges will be non-action. No action is still doing something when you are intuitively listening. You’ll know you’re on track when you feel light-hearted, joyful, curious, and come alive.


So how do you choose what steps to take? You go to your feelings. What feels right for you? What feels right in this moment? What inspires you? What are you curious about? What makes you feel expansive? What makes you excited and joyful?…then go out and do that.


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