Day 15 Conscious Creation Course – Surrender and Allow It All to Make its Way to You

Once you begin to start taking your next steps, regardless of how big or small they are, you must then allow yourself to surrender the outcomes. You must be willing to relax and then let the divine take the lead.


In the spiritual world, we often hear words such as surrender, allow, let go, and receive. All these words are pointers that are just wanting you to relax. Because when you relax, everything that has your energetic signature on it, has a clear path to make its way to you.


When I speak of relaxing, what I’m referring to is an inner relaxation – a state of being where you are calm and clear; where your nervous system is not feeling stressed; where your mind is at peace; and where your emotions are soothed.


To alleviate any possibility of concern that your energetic signature is carrying crappy stuff in it, let me assure you that when you are in a relaxed state, this elevates your energy to a higher vibration where only that which you want is able to come into your experience.


All your desires vibrate at a high frequency, and surrendering and being relaxed raises you to match them.


Here is a very simple guide to surrendering…


  1. Mental – Surrender your knowing; surrender your thoughts, ideas, and rules. “I don’t know” leaves you open to all possibilities. When you think you know something you can get stuck in that because you end up trying to fight, defend or justify what you think you do know. Be willing not to know; be willing not to be right. Don’t believe all your thoughts. Don’t assume them to be true.


  1. Emotion – Your emotional landscape is what ends up being out-pictured into your physical reality, so you want to learn how to calm your emotions and create a state of ease with them. Your thoughts influence your emotions, so not only should you not believe all your thoughts, don’t believe all your emotions either. They very often are a reaction to misguided thoughts you are thinking. Be willing to feel what you need to feel when the emotion is strong, but don’t attach a story to them, and don’t believe that this story is true. They are simply emotions. Within the spiritual dimension everything that happens on the physical plane is an experience, and it is not considered good nor bad…it just is…and your spirit enjoys every single experience.


  1. Physical – You must learn how to slow down and destress the body; calm your nervous system. Breath is a great way to do this, and also can be used as a reminder to your oneness with the divine. Let go of the incessant need to be doing something. You don’t need to plan, organize, or strategize. These are all just forms of control. You’ve been taught to believe that a lack of “doing” is laziness and unambition, but the truth is that not jumping into action out of a need to be doing something is actually a show of confidence in who you truly are. Let your body relax, and surrender to the knowing that life knows what it’s doing and will guide you to any actions that need to be taken.


  1. Spiritual – Know that you have unseen forces helping you. This isn’t all on you to figure out and do on your own. You have a creative, loving intelligence that runs through you and employs your team of helpers to ensure that your life is unfolding and evolving perfectly on cue. Relax and let them assist you in creating a life that is beyond anything you could possibly imagine.


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