Day 18 No Striving Challenge – What Keeps Us from Ease, Calm & Peace

No Striving BadgeThere is one thing that is the hindrance keeping us from ease, calm and peace – ATTACHMENT.


Our attachment to expectations, outcomes, and proving ourselves is a form of control…and it keeps us striving.


Attachment is when we feel our desires need to come to us in a particular form, should look a specific way, and come at a precise time. Absolutely it’s okay to have preferences in what we want, but then we need to let go of the “how.” It’s when we try to control each step along the way that we slow down the flow.


Our attachments keep us striving. When we feel we have to act a certain way, have certain things, and do certain things to prove our value and worth, we keep striving to “get there, ” and we never can settle into simply being and allowing.


These are some areas you may harbour attachments:

  • To having a relationship – What’s wrong with me if I can’t find someone?
  • To career – The more money and visibility I have, the more important I am.
  • To well-behaved children – The better behaved and well-groomed my children are, the better parent I am (or at least look like).
  • To our body size/weight – The thinner, more in shape, and better I look, the more accepting people will be of me.
  • To busyness – The busier I am, the more I have to do, and the more productive I am, the more people will see my value.
  • To being right – When I can prove that my way is the right way, the better way, and the more effective way, others will see how smart and resourceful I am.


When we can let go of our attachment to our desires, we allow it to flow to us often in ways much better and a lot easier than we could have ever imagined for ourselves.


Soul Team Chat 

  1. Do you typically feel attached to how things may turn out?
  2. What areas of your life do you see you may have attachments?