Day 19 No Striving Challenge – Striving is a Focus on Lack

No Striving BadgeWe all have employed action to get where we want to be, whether it be physical actions we take, or energetic strategies and techniques we use to make things happen (ie. affirmations, visualizations, energy work such as reiki, hypnosis, etc). And both of these avenues yield results (but neither are always necessary either).


However what’s important to know is that when you are employing any of these forms of “doing” or efforting with an energy of striving, it automatically brings with it resistance…which can slow or stall that which you are trying to make happen.


And here’s the reason why. By feeling you need to take some sort of action to change, fix or improve something or make something happen you immediately activate the awareness that you are lacking it.


So how do you shift that?


It doesn’t mean you stop all forms of action. Of course not, because action (inspired action) is needed to create the momentum and make things manifest. But what is required is…


  1. Put forth the action and then let go of the attachment to it; let go of what the outcome will be.
  2. Shift your mind set from “making it happen” to allowing it to be revealed or “making it welcome.”


In this way you aren’t activating the lack of it, but are activating that which you already are; activating it to come through you. …and sometimes you may be guided to a different plan of action than you originally intended. Be willing, open and flexible to this.


Soul Team Chat 

  1. Can you allow yourself to depart from set plans and go with new impulses? Or do you feel the need to stick with the plan?