Day 2 Conscious Creator Course – Raising Your Consciousness to Create with Ease

The only way anything can securely shift in your outer world is for you to raise your consciousness. You create your reality based on the out-picturing of the consciousness you are currently at.


Look around you. Are there things you’d like to change? Do you have drama in your relationships? Would you like more money? Do you want to lose a few pounds? To you feel busy and overwhelmed? Do you feel unsettled and unhappy? Use these as feedback to let you know where you currently stand in consciousness.


Don’t beat yourself up over these things. That just feeds the problem. Look at them as areas where you have separated yourself from the truth of who you are, and view them as opportunities to raise your consciousness to align with your truth.


You soul has been calling you and nudging you to make the journey from unconscious to conscious. This isn’t a one shot deal. Instant enlightenment would be quite the shock to the system! There is a progression…one that is perfectly designed for you and it goes through phases.


I came across a book by Mary O’Malley called “What’s in the Way IS the Way,” and in it she outlines six phases of consciousness that have proven to be true in my experience, so I’d like to share them with you here.


Life Happens To You

Life Happens By You

Life Happens In You

Life Happens For You

Life Happens Through You

Life Is You


And here’s my own spin on what each phase means…


Life Happens to You – In this phase you feel life is happening to you. You have no control, you have no say, and you feel victim to your circumstances. In this phase you are unconscious and feel you have no choice but to take what life hands you.


Life Happens By You – In this phase you are tired of feeling victim to your life, so instead you decide to take matters into your own hands and you control it. There is an enormous amount of effort at this phase. You feel that it’s up to you to make things happen. You become a goal setter, and you feel pride in yourself when you reach them, but feel shame when you don’t. You may be trying to control you’re outer world, but your inner world is still being battered around by your roller coaster of emotions. You feel good when things go well, and bad when they don’t. You rely completely on your outer world to decide on how you feel.


Eventually you may have evolved into learning about the Law of Attraction and realizing how your thoughts and feelings play a role. So you start employing tactics and techniques to get what you want. This is just a new form of control, however it is an important step in your awakening. There’s still a lot of mental effort occurring on your part, and you feel like you have to be super diligent on staying on top of your thoughts lest they get away from you and create something unwanted. And if something unwanted does happen, you feel guilt and shame for bringing it on yourself. So you may live with a fear of your thoughts and what they can do. But this hyper-vigilance is actually sending out the energy of distrust of life, hence your results are sporadic and lack luster at best.


At this phase you feel like you are in charge and have to stay in charge of Life, and you are mainly identified with your physical world and have forgotten who you really are. You eventually start to get tired with having to stay on top of things at all times.


As Mary O’Malley states, “To stay caught in this phase of consciousness is to be cut off from the creative flow of life.” In this phase you feel that you have to fix, change, and improve yourself and your life. You don’t accept what is, but instead believe you’ll feel better once what isn’t working is fixed.


Life Happens In You – Eventually you begin to realize that everything you are and everything you need is already within you. You remember that you are the Source; you are the power. You begin to realize that you need to look inward and listen. It becomes obvious that the struggles that are happening in your life are due to the stories and assumptions you have created about them. It’s during this phase that you start to pay more attention to the feelings that you are experiencing inside your body. These are tell-tale signs of what’s actually going on inside of you. If you’re wise, you use these feelings as feedback rather than a way to beat yourself up.


What is going on inside you needs to be acknowledged, needs to be felt, and then needs to be allowed to move through. It was just old energy that needed to be cleaned up. But at the core you remember now that you are a spiritual being and that anything that you want to shift first needs to shift on the inside. You recognize that the work is an inside job.


Life Happens For You – In this phase you realize that life is actually for you. It knows what it’s doing, and it has a creative intelligence that is unfolding every moment perfectly timed and perfectly suited to benefit you. You also remember that you are not in this alone. You remember that you have a team of unseen forces wanting to help you, guide you, support you, and assist you.


Life Happens Through You – In this phase you realize that Spirit works through you. You not only aren’t alone, but the broader aspect of you that is still in non-physical is also you, and it works through you. This is where you realize that you can trust Life. You open up and allow Spirit to work through you. You get out of your own way, and trust that there is a divine plan unfolding. You realize you are a channel, a vessel, and you allow the flow of energy to move freely through you. You are living from your heart, and not blocking the flow with your mental chatter and past conditioning.


Life Is You – In this phase you realize you are it…all of it. There is only oneness. There is no separation. Everything you see and can’t see is all part of the same, is all consciousness, and is interconnected. You understand that you are multi-dimensional and that there are many versions of you within the field. You see that there is a larger tapestry that everyone and everything is a part of, and you realize that your reason for being here focused in this experience is so that you can experience more of yourself. You realize that this is all supposed to be fun. There is never any right or wrong, bad or good. From your higher perspective it’s ALL good; it’s all an experience; it’s all an adventure. You can stop taking life so seriously because it’s all really just a game. You remember that there is a larger part of you that is unchangeable, untaintable, and unshakable.




As you move through these phases, keep in mind they aren’t linear. There is an evolution to your journey but you may find that you jump around within these phases, but ultimately your final destination is one where you stay and fully live from the place of knowing Life Is You. And in remembering that Life Is You, you can relax into the awareness that everything you’d ever possibly want and need is provided. You remember your Divine Birthright and that you are meant to live your life to the Divine Standard. It’s not something you have to earn or deserve. You already deserve it and are entitled to it because You Are Life.


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