Day 20 No Striving Challenge – How Striving Affects You

No Striving BadgeWhen in the energy of striving we’re never able to relax into life. Our systems are in over-drive trying to prove our value and worth.


This affects us on 4 levels:


Physically – When we are in an on-going state of striving, eventually our bodies will give the signal that we’ve hit our limit. Our bodies give us messages as to what’s going on in the inside, not only from a traditional medical perspective, but also from a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. If you don’t listen to the initial nudges your body is sending you (ie. headache, tension, cold), the messages get louder and louder, until you are forced to listen …usually through the form of drama and trauma.


Mentally – Strivers have a hard time shutting their mind off. The mind is always checking off the to-do list and adding more to it. This creates A LOT of mind chatter and not only keeps us from not being in the moment, but keeps our nervous system stressed. Insomnia is a common side effect of the on-going mental chatter.


Emotionally – As I already mentioned there are external and internal motivations that keep us striving. These motivations can wreak havoc with our emotional lives. When we are coming from a place of feeling we’re not enough and that we need to prove that we are, our emotions are in a low vibratory frequency…and this makes life feel hard.


Spiritually – Our spiritual side is the side that is often neglected and this is where the REAL problem lies. When we are not in touch with our spiritual side this leaves us feeling disconnected. This disconnection is what causes us to feel we need to do it all on our own. There is a lack of trust that we are supported in our desires, and because of that we are left feeling we need to strive to make them happen.


Soul Team Chat

  1. How has striving affected you in a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level?
  2. Have you been disconnected from your spiritual side, thus feeling it’s only up to you?