Day 22 No Striving Challenge – What are You REALLY Striving For?

No Striving BadgeWhen we peel away all the layers, our striving is really a seeking. A seeking for deeper meaning in our lives; a seeking for happiness.


Regardless of the way we are going about it, each one of us is seeking the same thing. We all want to be happy.


So, whether you are seeking it from what appears to be a “surface” level, meaning through trying to have more, be more, and do more, OR whether you are seeking it from what appears to be a more “divine” level, meaning tapping into the wealth of knowledge and wisdom available to us through gurus, healers, and enlightened beings…it’s all leading to the same place.


There are 2 types of seeking:


  1. Material Seeking – this is when we use the materials of the physical world to give meaning to our lives.
  2. Spiritual Seeking – this is when we are aware that there is more to this life than just the material, therefore actively seek deeper meaning through spirituality.


At the core of both of these is the desire for happiness, fulfillment, peace and meaning. The reason we seek the material is because in the having of it we believe we will be happier. The reason we seek the spiritual is because through the connection we believe we will be happier.


But the happiness, fulfillment, peace and meaning comes through the connection to our Source, God, Higher Self, Universe, Creative Intelligence.


Regardless of what you call it, what we really are seeking is our connection with our Source …and remembering that we ARE the Source. It is not something outside of us. We are what we seek.


We are seeking who we really are.


Soul Team Chat

In what way do you feel you may be seeking deeper meaning in your life?