Day 23 No Striving Challenge – Gettin’ to the Truth

No Striving BadgeSince there has been more and more people waking up to the knowledge that we live in an energy based world, and the understanding of Universal Laws such as the Law of Attraction, many people have used this knowledge to manipulate energy to make things happen (ie. Affirmations, pre-pave journaling, visualization, Reiki, etc).


I have certainly used my fair share of strategies and techniques to influence energy, and try to tip the scales in my favour towards what I want. This in of itself in not a bad thing. Our intentions are powerful. However, what I have learned and noticed for myself is that these types of strategies and techniques are often employed coming from a place of striving.


But, when we overcome our inclination to strive these are great tools to support us on our journey.


Affirmations (a positive statement in the present tense affirming our desire) have often been praised in the self-help world as being the key to creating lasting mind-set shifts. I personally have never felt affirmations worked. It felt like a chore and I often could feel the resistance to what I was trying to affirm…


  • I am my ideal weight. (Uhhh, yeah right!)
  • I am earning XX amount of $. (Mmm, not seein’ it!)
  • I am calm and peaceful in all situations. (Nope, feelin’ a little pissed off right now.)


When I tried to use these types of positive messages to counter balance what I was actually feeling, my BS alarm would go off.


What I have found that has worked is – bombarding my mind and soul with SOUL TRUTHS.


I’ve come to call these “Truth Affirmations” and when I am in a place of striving and struggle, I use one or more of my truth affirmations and I can immediately feel myself relax.


But here’s the thing, when I’m talking about truths, I’m not talking about the truth of your current reality. I’m talking about the TRUTH of who you really are.


Soul Team Chat 
In the next post, I’m going to share some of my truths, which I believe to be Universal Truths, but before I do that I want you to tap into your own inner guidance and feel into what your Truths are.