Day 25 No Striving Challenge – You Have Soul Support

No Striving BadgeWe’ve been misled into mistaken thinking, by buying into the belief we need to work hard, struggle, and make things happen, because we’re doing this on our own.


The crux of what keeps us striving is…we’ve forgotten that we have help; that we’re NOT in this on our own.


Not only do we have a team of non-physical beings (I call them my SOUL TEAM – made up of your Higher Self, deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and Ascended Masters…as examples. Depending on your beliefs your team may look a little different, but in essence it is made up of Higher Consciousness) ready and willing to help us the moment we ask, we ourselves are also more than we think we are.


We’re more than a physical body. We are Infinite Intelligence, Source, Sparks of God…whatever you want to call it. When we get back in touch with this knowing we can loosen our grip on striving because we understand that we are the core of our own power.


We don’t have to “make things happen” because everything we need is already within us and its waiting to be revealed.


Through connecting to our power and our Soul Team we increase our trust and decrease our resistance, thereby allowing what has been waiting to be revealed.


“Worthiness comes when you know you are connected to something bigger than yourself.” ~Debbie Ford


Soul Team Chat 

  1. How strongly to you presently feel the intuitive urge to expand, create or express yourself in a new or different way? ….this is what is waiting to be revealed!
  2. In what areas do you feel you need support right now?