Day 27 No Striving Challenge – Create a Soul Anchor

No Striving BadgeSo, you now know (or remember) that you have support, and you realize you need to surrender. Now what?


You need a SOUL ANCHOR – this is something that keeps you anchored in the remembering of the power of who you truly are. I’ve already mentioned my Truth Affirmations which have been pivotal in building my trust.


Another anchor is creating a daily practice. Now don’t get overwhelmed with thinking that means you need to fit yet another thing into your day. Your daily practice can be very simple. Taking only 5 minutes a day to commune with your soul has far reaching impact…and I highly recommend that you find 5 minutes to yourself to do this.


Find a spot that is quiet where you won’t be interrupted, make a conscious connection with your Source (all that takes is your intention to connect), and deep breathe. That’s it.


Sound too simple? I have to say, I thought it was too simple, and that it didn’t really “make anything happen, ” but what I ended up finding is that I was more grounded in my day and the day just flowed so much smoother. As soon as I would discontinue this practice (usually because I didn’t think I had enough time) I was reminded of the impact this bit of time to connect made.


Now if you’re a mama (or papa) with little ones, and just can’t find the time, while you are in this stage use moments within your day to tap in (we all can do this as well…it’s good to tap in throughout the day). When you’re folding clothes, washing dishes, showering, driving, etc, make a conscious connection and breathe.


What I have found for myself is that I may not always get insights during this time, but I find that throughout the day I am given ideas, insights and messages that guide me to my next best steps.


Soul Team Chat

  1. First, I’d like to point out that your Soul Chat Journal is also an anchor!
  2. Does the idea of creating a daily practice feel like one more thing to do on your to-do list?
  3. If you could let go of that, how do you think you could benefit from a daily practice?