Day 3 Conscious Creator Course – Establishing a Practice to Own Your Powerful Creator Status

To raise your consciousness to joyful and ease-filled creator status, it’s time to start establishing a daily practice – a practice where you connect on a daily basis with the deepest part of you, the core of who you are, which is the unwavering, unchangeable Creative Intelligence that is guiding you, rooting for you, supporting you, working with you, working through you, and working as you…and that has a deep and divine love for you.


This place is, and will become, your respite – a place that reminds you of who you are, a place that realigns you with the truth of who and what you are, a place that will bring you back into the flow, a place of relaxation, a place that brings relief when life is rocky, a place that will interrupt the relentless mind chatter, a place of comfort, ease and effortlessness.


You will start with focusing on relaxing your body, mind, and efforts, so that the Universe no longer receives mixed messages or static about what you want. The Universe is constantly picking up on your every preference, and when your mind is going a 100 miles a minute and your emotions are being bounced around according to what thoughts you’re thinking, the Universe gets a convoluted sense of what you want, hence why so often things just appear to stay the same…there’s no clear signal for change.


How you feel on the inside is of utmost importance…nothing else is more important than that.  And nope, you can’t worry about what others will think.  You’re not being selfish, you’re tending to your vibration.  And when it’s high, everyone benefits.


It’s all about inner relaxation.  When you can feel relaxed on the inside you create a clear channel, a clear vessel, for the Universe to work through.


So rather than “doing” anything, you are to pay attention to your state of being, because how you feel on the inside is what the Universe responds to.


Focus on your BREATH


This may seem overly simplified considering the complicated desires we have…and that’s the point!  We need to simplify.  Our breath brings us back into the moment where we can move our focus away from the troubles of the past, and the worries of the future.  We get our minds too much into the game and it over-complicates things.


Life takes care of itself…when we let it. But we’ve become too busy trying to better our lives and figure things out that we’ve gotten in the way. Your breath will get you out of your own way.


These are the first steps in establishing a daily practice:


Start a 10 – 15 minute morning or evening practice (start with just 5 minutes if that’s what feels good to start…but start).  Just sit and pay attention to your breath.  No crazy breathing strategy required.  Start with 3 or 4 big belly breaths, and then just relax into your natural breathing pattern.  At the start of your breathing practice remind yourself that you are part of the Creative Intelligence, the Divine, the Field…whatever you want to call it…and then just relax into this knowing with your breath.


Throughout the day tune into your breath as much as possible. Start to establish a practice of being aware of your breath.  You won’t remember in every moment in everyday, but the more you practice the more you’ll become aware.  And when you do become aware just acknowledge that each breath brings you back into alignment with who you are and is a connection to Source.


The breath reminds you about your connection to Source. You are being breathed through. Each breath is a reminder that you are being given life; that life is being lived through you, and you get to take part in it all!


The other thing breath does on the human level, is it calms your nervous system. Our systems are in overdrive due to the learned ways of life we’ve been birthed into. These ways aren’t natural, and the breath retrains us to slow down and be in the moment.  When your nervous system is calm, your mind calms down, and you create an energy that is more conducive to being in the flow.  You don’t have to work at making life work.


The breath invites energy to come in to serve you. With each breath think about activating the energy around you and pulling it into your body.


Each deep breath is a natural cleanse and brings you back into balance; back into alignment.



“If your life can’t fit 10 minutes for yourself, you don’t have a life.” ~Tony Robbins (…ouch…harsh, but true.) xo


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