Day 4 Conscious Creator Course – Remembering Who You Are, What You Are, and Why You Came Here

Your “problems” are never really about what you think they’re about.


They aren’t about childhood wounds, they aren’t because you don’t have enough time, they aren’t because you don’t have enough money, they aren’t because you need to lose weight, they aren’t because you don’t have a partner, and they aren’t because someone said something they shouldn’t have. They aren’t any of the slew of reasons that you convince yourself they’re about.


The actual problem is that you’ve forgotten who you are. The real issue is you’ve created ways of being and thinking that have become habits contrary to the truth of who you are.


So let’s remind you, shall we?


So who are you then?


You are a Spiritual Being who is a Divine Creator that came here to experience, explore, evolve, and ultimately have fun.


Who you are is much more than you may think you are. You’re much more than the bones, organs, and skin that allow you to move, feel, see, smell, taste and touch. These are just components that house the real you.


The real you is not contained to the confines of a body. Your body is a pretty shell, a nifty vessel that allows your true essence to experience everything it wants to experience.


There’s a much larger part of you that is still in non-physical form. This broader part of you decided to birth a sliver of your essence into human form. It wanted in on the human experience so that it could know itself in a way this is not possible when non-physical.


Through you, Spirit is experiencing ocean views, what it’s like to eat a variety of foods, the fun of splashing around in a waterpark, the intimacy of a relationship, and the joy of creativity. Spirit knows life because of you.

Spirit is going to want to experience, but you can take part in the game by deciding what kind of experience. This is where the conscious creation part comes in. There is no need for it to be an experience of drama, trauma, struggle and strife. You can direct the kind of experience you want to participate in.


You deserve abundance on all levels…and in fact Spirit wants you to have what you want. Rather, Spirit wants what your heart wants…not the ego-driven wants. But Spirit is impartial so won’t interfere with your free will if you insist on focusing on the ego aspects of life or on unwanted conditions.


Spirit will lovingly keep trying to get through to you and wake you up to what is actually possible for you, but at the same time, whatever you are experiencing it is enjoying the experience of and never views it as wrong or bad.


So, who you really are is a slice of this non-physical energy, which is called by many names – Source, Universe, Spirit, God, Infinite Intelligence, or Quantum Field. However you want to dice it, you are a Spiritual Being, a Divine Being. …And you came here to play.


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