Day 4 No Striving Challenge – What keeps us Striving?

No Striving BadgeWhat has been keeping us in Striving Mode?




In present day our fears don’t have the devastating consequences that our ancestors had to endure, but like it or not, we have been shaped by the centuries of scarcity, trauma, suffering, and danger. Our DNA embodies the survival instinct of our past generations – fight, flee, deny & control.


What we are striving and struggling to survive now doesn’t result in famine and death, however our bodies still naturally go into the fight or flight response whenever it feels a threat to its survival. The difference now is that it’s no longer a threat to our lives, but it’s a threat to the survival of our ego mind.


“What worked to cope with fear in earlier, lower frequency times now limits our potential.”
~Penney Pierce


Thankfully, we don’t have to remain victim to this way of being. Fear doesn’t need to be our driving force that keeps us striving to satisfy our ego minds.


Awareness plays a big part in letting go of the way we respond to our fears.


Soul Team Chat 

    1. What areas of your life have you been letting fear control you?