Day 5 Conscious Creation Course – You Create Your Own Personal World

We are all one; we are all connected. We are all divine beings made up of and connected through the same substance, but it’s important to remember that at the same time you are also an individual.


Even though we are all one does not mean you take on the collective consciousness or other people’s belief systems.  You can choose a completely different paradigm to play in than the one other’s are playing in. You can play out your own version while still being a part of the larger tapestry that weaves it all together.


Even though you are part of a larger world, you create our own personal world. This is how it is possible that we can all be living in the same world yet experience different versions of reality – some experience the world as filled with joy and adventure, while others feel victimized and stuck.


At the base everything is the same.  Everything is divine, everything is energy…regardless of how things are manifesting in each of your outer worlds/realities. But at the end of the day, within your shared experience, you are the one who individually chooses how you would like to participate.


The version of reality you experience is directly linked to what is going on in your inner world – your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas, rules – your consciousness. And your individual consciousness does affect the whole, so when you raise your consciousness you raise the consciousness of the whole.


But it is not your responsibility to try to fix what is going on in the outer world.  It is your responsibility to focus on you.  All the changes that need to occur, must first occur within yourself. The rest will take care of itself.


Recalibrate Your Reality with the Intention of Joy


Before we get into the nitty gritty of setting a new trajectory for your new reality to come in, it’s a good practice to get into the habit of setting the intention of joy every morning. Of course, this alone is setting a new trajectory since the reason you want anything is because you want to feel joy and happiness, but we are also going to play with setting the bar much higher as to what you think is possible in your life. …that’s coming soon.


Intention creates movement, so with being intentional about wanting to feel joy, the tone will be set for your day…and life. The energies will then go out before you and pave the way!


In setting the intention to feel more joy in your life, you set into motion the unpeeling and undoing of anything that is in the way of that joy. So don’t get discouraged if at first you aren’t able to stay in the feeling of joy in every moment.


It’s also important to point out that being in joy doesn’t mean you are in a state of elevated feelings of excitement, bliss and euphoria. Although you will have moments of this, joy is an overall feeling of well-being; of contentment; of peace; of trust…a general feeling of all is well in your life and the world. So don’t set yourself up to be disappointed by thinking that if you aren’t feeling heightened emotions of joy that you are doing something wrong. You’re not. There are many forms of joy.


Joy is your birthright.



This was an area where I got frustrated at times. I knew joy was my birthright, but I wasn’t able to feel it at the start. However, in continuing to keep my intention for joy in my life, I started to be able to feel it more and more; a momentum was created. Along the way, some events, situations, and emotions that were in the way of my joy were triggered, and in recognizing that these were just things in my way, I sent love to them, and didn’t hook into the story of them (usually 😉 ).


Your emotions play a vital role in the creation of your reality…this is your inner world…therefore nothing is more important than how you feel. So, let’s get the ball rolling on your joy! And regardless of when or if things come up that don’t feel so joyful, remember, it’s still part of the path. Don’t ever give up on it. It’s there.


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