Day 5 No Striving Challenge – The Part Worth & Value Play

No Striving BadgeOur ego mind can exert a lot of control over us, because it convinces us that we have to prove our value and worthiness. This need to prove our value and worthiness keeps us in a state of striving to do just that.


Some of the ways that our ego mind is appeased come in the following forms of striving…



– Using your children to reflect your worth & value

  • Encouraging your kids to aim for the honor roll
  • Urging your kids to work hard to be on a certain team
  • Training your kids to behave a certain way



– Using your career as a position of status to show your worth & value

  • Trying to make more money
  • Trying to climb the ladder to higher position, power & prestige



– Using the state of your body as an image of worth & value

  • Trying to lose/gain weight
  • Hoping to avoid illness



– Using your relationship status to prove your worth & value

  • Trying to find the right one & fall in love
  • Worried what others are thinking and saying



– Using your home as a symbol of your worth & value

  • Not able to sit & relax because feel the need to clean, tidy and maintain
  • Desire to move up into “bigger and better”


If you look, there are many areas in your life where the striving to change, fix & improve, as well as do, be & have has seeped in…and damn, that can be draining!


Soul Team Chat

    1. Where has striving unknowingly (or knowingly) seeped into your life?
    2. Are you feeling the drain of this striving?
    3. What do you want instead?
    4. Choose one area where you have been striving, and decide to make a conscious choice to become aware when it is happening.