Day 6 Conscious Creation Course – You Are Worthy of All You Desire and Ask For

You are not a limited human being who is stuck here to flounder and figure things out on its own.


You wouldn’t be put on this earth as a limited and small being.  You came here to explore, enjoy and experience more of yourself…your divine self. Every human quality is divine.  It is not something to overcome or shun or deny.  Absolutely everything is spiritual because you are spiritual.  There is no separation; there is no distinction. It’s all part of the whole. You’re part of the whole.


A number was done on us when we were manipulated and led to believe that we are less than we are. We can look back in history and see where and why the suppression began, but bottom line it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we are no longer willing to be blindly led and held by structures that are crumbling; structures that were erected with the intent of keeping us small.


“The violation of self that you are all contending with now is that you have been taught to believe that you should be frightened of who you truly are, that you have no right to claim your own divinity and to realize it in fullness, and the world that is around you will not support you if you attempt to lift beyond the structures that you have agreed to.” -Paul Selig


But you are supported in your attempt to lift beyond old structures…and it starts with you being willing to remember who you are, to raise your consciousness, and to embrace your creator capabilities.


In the knowing that you are a spiritual being, also know that means you came here equipped with everything you could possibly need and want to flourish here; nothing has been spared, nothing has been skimped.


It also means that you came here surrounded with a team of support that is constantly guiding, loving, and helping you every step of the way.


In a limited human reality, you have to go out and make things happen. There is effort. You have to seek things out. But when you remember who you are, it all comes to you; it all happens for you. …if there is action required you will most certainly be notified through an excitement and need to act!


You have struggled with self-worth because you have been taught that you are separate from who you really are…which as mentioned is a divine being.  This separation has caused a mistrust in self, and has caused us as humans to try to be enough and earn our way into worthiness.  The truth is that there’s no need to earn anything. You already are.  And in knowing that, there is never any need to question your worth.


You are worthy.  Period.  Never question it again.


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