Day 7 Conscious Creation Course – Establishing a Direct Connection to Your Creative Source

I refer to my Creative Source as my Soul Team. You can choose to call it whatever you want, but the thing is to acknowledge that there is a Higher Power that resides in you, and this Higher Power has the ability to create anything and everything.


I talk to my Soul Team every day.


I’m not exactly sure who is all part of my Soul Team, but I do know they’ve always got my back.


Obviously I’m part of the team…I mean, it’s my team after all.  And then I’m thinking that my team looks something like this…


  • A committee of kick-ass, high-powered Angels who are on the job 24/7.
  • My Highest Self who has a bird’s eye-view of everything and keeps me on the best path….and gives me nudges when I’m wandering off.
  • A slew of Ascended Masters, Light Beings, and many other highly evolved and high vibration teachers and guides.
  • My aunt who I always felt was keeping me safe and out of trouble when I was younger.
  • My mother-in-law who was fiercely protective and wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. Nothing and nobody is gonna mess with her.  Glad she’s on my team!
  • My childhood dog, Logan. …If he’s not mad at me for having to put him down.  But in my defense, he kept eating our neighbor’s chickens!
  • And of course, part of my team is also cleverly disguised in human form.


This team…or some version of it…has kept me from feeling alone and lost many, many times. It has uplifted me, inspired me, supported me, guided me, comforted me, loved me…and reminded me of who I am and what is possible.


You have a Soul Team too, and they know and hear all. They know your heart…even when you don’t.


Your Soul Team is always communicating with you, and the way they communicate is through your emotions. If you feel good, they are in agreement with what you are currently focused on. If you feel bad, they aren’t in agreement. They never waver from the truth of who you are…even when you do. So, if you feel bad it’s because you have wandered away from yourself, and your Soul Team refuses to go with you. So take comfort in knowing that they are stubbornly holding space for you to show up and align with the truth of who you are. That’s how much they love you.


So who do you suspect is on your Soul Team?


Important Note…


Before you get started with building a relationship with your Soul Team, I want to touch on an important point. Even though I talk about your Soul Team as if it’s something outside of you, this consciousness is an aspect of you; it is the broader perspective of you. Your team is you…and you’re part of the Creative Intelligence that wants to uplift you, inspire you, support you, guide you, comfort you, love you…and remind you of who you are and what is possible.


It’s easy to make our Soul Team, Source, Higher Self, God, Universe, Creative Intelligence…whatever you want to call it…outside of ourselves.  But the truth is it’s not outside of you at all.  It is you, and you are it.  There’s no separation. There is only oneness.


The tricky part comes in when we are trying to establish a relationship with this power. We don’t want to forget we are it; we’re the power, but at the same time it feels easier to develop a relationship with something that we can refer to as outside of us.


So the questions arise – Is Source outside of me? Is it inside of me? Am I Source? Is it separate? Am I one with Source? Is it a guide? Is it an aspect of me? Is it working for me? Is it working with me? Am I me and it works through me? And the answer to all of these is…Yes.


Source is in you, around you, is you…and is in everything and everyone that also appears to be outside of you.  It’s everywhere and everything.  You can never separate yourself from it regardless of how you view it.


But for many it is easiest to view it as something outside of or separate from you so that you can personalize it and provide a way for you to be able to build a rapport and relationship with it.  This personifies the energetic essence of the Divine, the Universe, the Source.


The caution with viewing it this way is that you never what to make your power outside of you and something that you are at the mercy of.  Source or your Soul Team isn’t something that leaves you out of the decision making, using you as its puppet.  Nope. You are the generator of this power; you are at the helm. The team is your team.


Everything you ask for, everything you desire is cued up by you…the broader sense of you.


So as you are building a relationship with your Soul Team, keep the knowing that even though you may be talking to it as if it were outside you, it is most certainly not.


Building the Connection through Creating a Practice


Morning Practice – Preferably before you get out of bed in the morning, talk to your Soul Team…even if it’s just to say Good Morning. When I first started practicing this I wrote a blurb out on a cue card and kept it on my night stand. Here is an example taken from Abraham-Hicks and slightly adjusted to fit my liking. You can fine-tune it to fit your voice…or go creatively rouge and write your own version.


I acknowledge the Universal Forces that are focused on me right now. God/Divine/Universe/Soul Team, I acknowledge that I am the object of your positive attention, and I’m appreciating your continual gaze on behalf of my well-being. And today no matter where I am, no matter where I’m going, no matter what I’m doing, and no matter whom I’m doing it with, I will be in conscious awareness that you too are there with me…appreciating me, supporting me, assisting me, acknowledging me, inspiring me, guiding me, having fun with me, loving me, showing me, helping me, uplifting me, and prospering me. I am in loving gratitude for all the good that is in my life, and for presence of the Divine within me.


In addition to your acknowledgment of your Soul Team in the morning, it’s a great idea to start a practice of journaling with your Soul Team (however chatting with them verbally in your mind works too, and is much better than not chatting at all). If you like the idea of journaling, get yourself a nice journal, and every day spend a few moments chatting with them. The reason I like journaling is because it is a good focusing tool. Writing allows you to slow down and focus on what’s really going on inside you.


A journal is good to:

  • Hear yourself
  • Tune out the noise
  • Turn your mental chatter into clarity
  • Detox your mind
  • Change your inner state
  • Make space for your dreams and expand what’s possible.


Use your journal as a place to get out what you have going on inside – write about whatever is going on for you, and acknowledge the emotions you have going on. This will get you in the practice of listening to what’s going on inside your body, and inside your mind. And it allows you to clear it all out. Many times just by getting it out onto paper shifts the energy enough to change your inner state. And that’s what we’re going for! You want to live from a state of inner relaxation.


Throughout the Day – Practice breathing and awareness. Every time you take a deep breath acknowledge the Presence within you, and remember you have a Soul Team supporting your every move.


Bedtime Practice – Once again acknowledge your Soul Team, and hit the reset button. Remember tomorrow is a new day with a new blank slate to create from.




Don’t feel overwhelmed in creating this practice and connection. Start slow if you need to, but start somewhere. When you know you are a conscious creator, you also know that you aren’t creating alone…you are co-creating with the Universe…so this connection is of utmost importance when you want to create with ease.


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