Day 7 No Striving Challenge – You might be a Perfectionist if…

No Striving BadgePerfectionism
gives us a sense of control. When things look and are presented perfectly on the exterior, we are given the illusion of feeling we have everything under control.


There are common Perfectionistic traits that can keep us striving to present the perfect outward picture. Often we aren’t even aware this program is playing through our story. See if you see yourself in any of these.


You might be a Perfectionist if…

  • You have excessive concern over details
  • Work and productivity have a tendency to often win out over leisure
  • You are extremely conscientious
  • You are bound by rules
  • You are inflexible and rigid in your thinking, plans and actions
  • You have a reluctance to delegate tasks
  • You have a hard time relinquishing control
  • You have a tendency to compare yourself to others


Soul Team Chat 

    1. Ok, time for a soul chat to get real and vulnerable. Where do you display perfectionistic traits?
    2. Does it feel time to let any of these ways of being die away?
    3. If so, thank them for serving you while you needed them, but let them know that they are no longer needed.