Day 8 Conscious Creation Course – Create with Ease Using Spiritual Laws

Through your connection to your own inner power, your Creative Source, you will find you are no longer limited to the laws of the physical world. When you are willing to release these old laws you raise your vibration beyond them and begin living according to Spiritual Laws…laws that are not restricted by human thinking.


The laws put in place by the human mind are not based in the truth. Your mind will, for a time, try to argue and fight to keep them alive, but you have moved into a deeper knowing. As you begin to experience the ease of these Spiritual Laws that govern your world, you will release the grip of the old.


You will know the truth of a Spiritual Law by how it makes you feel. You will feel lighter, expanded, freer, unlimited, and unrestricted. These are not man-made laws, but rather are truths in how your universe operates.


Here are some of the Spiritual Laws that are always supporting you…


  • The Universe wants to give you whatever you ask for.
  • You are “asking” every moment by where you put your focus.
  • The Universe records every like or dislike you have and is totally unbiased as to whether it’s good or bad.
  • The Universe can only deliver to you based on your predominant inner state.
  • All the external events – people, things, situations – in your life are created by your inner state (thoughts and feelings).
  • You are the point of attraction in your world. Everything you see, feel, and experience is an out-picturing, a projection, onto your outer screen through your inner lens.
  • Your thoughts and feelings leave an imprint in the energy field around you.
  • There is a creative Divine Intelligence, a Quantum Field, a Field of Infinite Possibilities that is always working on your behalf.
  • You are, you are part of, and you are partner with this Creative Intelligence. It is you, it works through you, and it supports you.  It is all these things.
  • You are a creator, therefore you have a natural desire to create.
  • You, at the core, are natural goodness – love and peace. This is your true nature, and all the good you desire is meant to be naturally yours.
  • Receiving is simply an act of recognition. Recognizing the truth of who you are, and that everything you ask for is already here.


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