Day 9 Conscious Creation Course – Surrendering Your Conditioning and Creating Space for the New

Ok. This is the moment. This is the time to commit to what you want. You need to unapologetically want what you want. And you need to be willing to train your focus in the direction you want to be going.


So in the spirit of that, let’s start with a commitment letter – a commitment to yourself, a commitment to your dreams, and a commitment to your journey. This letter is stamping this moment as the moment you’ve decided you can have the life you want to live; a moment where you are willing to let all the old go; and a moment where you are committed to staying focused in the direction of what you want and what is possible.


This is a choice point, and every choice point branches off into a new direction. So through this letter you are changing the trajectory of your life, and you are calling in the energy to back up your decision.


This letter signifies starting with a clean slate. You’re leaving the past in the past, so that you’re not bringing it into the future with you. And you’re letting go of the future, so that it’s not tampering with your present.


Address your letter to Dear Soul Team (or whatever greeting feels best to you), which expresses your commitment to partnering with your Soul Team, and signals your willingness to surrender all your conditioning.


In the body of the letter, you are going to hand over EVERYTHING.


Now, to be clear, this handing over doesn’t mean that you are losing anything, it simply means that you are surrendering within your consciousness; you are letting go of the grip that physical reality has had on you, and you are allowing an easier, more graceful way to enter your life. You are moving away from an outer-directed focus, to an inner-directed focus of relaxation and ease.


Okay, so here goes. Write down everything that has been, and is currently, pulling at your consciousness. Get it all out. Don’t hold anything back. Give yourself enough time for this letter so that you don’t feel rushed. Be as specific as you can in what you are releasing. Acknowledge what isn’t working so that you can create space to let the new in.


Hand over your worries, your doubts, your over-thinking, your fears, your needs, your wants, your desires, your goals, your causes, your position, your status, your judgements, your opinions, your resentments, your assumptions, your expectations, your unforgiveness, your jealousy, your dislikes, your hates. Be specific, name names, give details. (No one but you should see this…let all the nitty gritty details out.)


Now taking it a step further, hand over your body, your emotions, your mind, your family, your kids, your friends, your bank accounts, your bills, your unexpected expenses, your debts, your possessions. Everything you think is “yours” in this world…hand it over.


Handing all this over doesn’t mean you’re doing so because you don’t care about any of it. It means you are releasing it so that it no longer weighs heavily on you, so that your mental chatter can quiet down, so that you know that you aren’t doing this alone, and so that you aren’t taking on responsibilities that were never yours to take on in the first place. You are letting go of the draining energy on your system, and lightening the load so that your energy can be raised to a higher vibration – a vibration where things can happen easily for you.


In releasing all this, you are creating a clear and open vessel through which spirit can move through and guide you. You no longer have to figure out the details. You have Universal Forces that know you better than you know yourself, working through you to move you into your desired reality…and now you can let them.


Got it all out? Good. Now…


Sign off. It’s done.


And now live from the expectation of your life shifting to ease, flow, joy, and abundance. Live from the place of you as a Divine Leader; the Conscious Creator of your life. You’ve just clicked into a new, upgraded reality.


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