Day 9 No Striving Challenge – You might be a People Pleaser if…

No Striving BadgeWe live in a world with a high population of People Pleasers. And I want to be clear that wanting to please others and make them happy is very natural…this isn’t the problem. In fact, people pleasers are very compassionate and empathetic. We need this in our world.


…The problem enters when we please others at the expense of ourselves.


There are some common People Pleaser traits that can keep us in striving mode. See if you see yourself in any of these.


You might be a People Pleaser if…

  • You chronically deny your own wishes and desires
  • You’ve forgotten what your wishes and desires are for yourself
  • You want to say No to other peoples requests, but can’t bring yourself to do it
  • When you do say No, you feel guilty and worry what they might be thinking or saying
  • Your desire to not upset others overrides what you want
  • You become silently resentful, but you still do what you’re asked anyway
  • You are motivated by shoulds, have to’s, musts, and obligations
  • You rarely share your own needs and desires
  • The important people in your life don’t know your true feelings
  • Being a “good” person in the eyes of others is very important…regardless of personal consequences

Soul Team Chat 

  1. Do you have an internal conflict between what you feel you “should” do according to your mind or other people’s expectations AND what you feel in your heart you’d rather do?
  2. Were you given strong ideas about the way you “should” act or are “suppose to” behave by parents, teachers and authority figure in your past?
  3. Choose one “should” you are going to start practicing no longer caving in to.