Do You Feel You’re SETTLING if You’re NOT Striving?

Do You Feel You’re SETTLING if You’re NOT Striving?

Shortly after launching my No Striving Challenge, I received an email from my big, little brother (meaning he’s my little bro, but much bigger than me!). And he touched on something that you may relate to.

He wrote:
I don’t want to give up striving to better myself and wanting to learn. I have so many things that I have yet to learn I don’t want to be content with only what I have. BUT, with that I DO want to give up the PRESSURE of having to strive.  I want to be completely happy with myself but at the same time I’m going to try and better myself.”

He’s not alone in this feeling. The desire to better ourselves, and the concern that by stopping the striving we are going to go to some far extreme and just become plain old lazy and settle for a life that is less than what we desire …or deserve.

I have to admit…I can totally relate. I remember journaling about just that thing. I was concerned if I let go of the reign of control I had, and the propensity towards striving to better myself, that things would fall apart; that it would mean I wouldn’t be able to get to and achieve the things that are very important to me.

BUT at the same time there was a deep knowing that the way I was going about things wasn’t quite right; that I was making it harder than it needed to be. It was this knowing that buoyed my desire to truly surrender and enjoy the journey.

I caught glimpses of a different way, and along the way my ego mind often kicked in with a lot of mental chatter, which kept me in struggle, frustration, and overwhelm….and fear.

However, as I eased into relaxing on things, not feeling I had to push, force or nudge it along, I saw how synchronistically everything just fell into place. That I was guided by a natural pull…and I could really trust that.

Admittedly this trust came in baby steps for me…and it’s still developing…as things always are, but I truly feel more at ease, calm, and peaceful.

It didn’t mean that I had to settle. It means that I get to have my cake and eat it too. Really…we get to! Who made up that cliché anyway?!

What my brother was alluding to is that we all have an innate calling to grow and expand. But here’s the thing…we don’t need to strive in order to grow and expand. It’s going to happen.

“The pain will push until the vision pulls.” ~Michael Beckwith

The pain of the struggle, frustration and overwhelm will continue to push us to the point of surrendering to a new way. AND THEN the vision of ease, calm, and peace will pull us effortlessly and magically to where we wanted to be in the first place. Ironic, huh?! …but true.

It’s the energy of striving that we want to move away from, NOT the desire to be better and have more. That’s just part of the territory of being human. We are creative beings and we are always moving into more expanded versions of ourselves.

In stopping the striving, we don’t need to give up the desire to grow and expand, we simply are giving up the pressure and control of “making it happen.”

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