Don’t Turn Your Life into a Project

remember&relaxYou want things to change. In fact, you know something needs to change.


The quiet sadness, the corroding anger, the persistent discontent, the gnawing guilt, the isolating busyness, the shallow connections, the lingering anxiety….the ache of something missing; the ache for something more.


You want to live a meaningful, joyful life…filled with fun, fulfillment and purpose.


I know you want this (even if those aren’t the exact words you’d use), because this is what your soul wants for you; this is every human’s natural desire.


It’s not wishful thinking. It’s your soul speaking.


But not only do you have your soul speaking to you, you also have the on-going noise in the many forms of advice, recommendations, help, opinions, stories, warnings….many channels of information trying to get your attention and convince you you need to be doing something different; persuading you that there’s something wrong.


We are bombarded with messages that we need to change ourselves, we need to love ourselves, we need to accept ourselves, we need to take care of ourselves, we need to clear our blocks, we need to think positive, we need to align our chakras, we need to, we need, we need to…


We feel we need to be more; we need to do more…and we feel guilt when we don’t.


Not only is this overwhelming, but it turns our life into a project.


And that’s not why we came here. We didn’t come here to…


  • Figure out how to get it right
  • Learn a multitude of heavy life lessons
  • Strive and effort our way to success (check out my free No Striving Challenge)
  • Sacrifice our own joy for the service of others
  • Search for some secret purpose
  • Prove that we are good enough
  • Suffer our way to a better life


We came here to enjoy our experience and expand into more.


…And we have to ensure this purpose doesn’t get lost in the commotion.


We need to slow down, remember why we are here, and relax – relax our minds, relax our bodies, relax our emotions, relax our efforts…and let spirit through.


When we relax, everything that we need is naturally revealed…


  • We don’t need to try to love ourselves…we just do.
  • We don’t need to heal the past…it’s already done.
  • We don’t need to try to be positive…we just are.
  • We don’t need to stop judgement…it just dies away.
  • We don’t need to remember to nurture ourselves…we just will.
  • We don’t need to figure out what’s important to us…we’ll just know.
  • We don’t need to make things happen…they’ll just happen.


All of this is already within us. It’s not something we need to do, need to figure out, or need to mentalize. Our lives aren’t projects to take on and accomplish. Our ONLY job is to experience, expand, and enjoy the adventure.


So let’s do that.