Enough Already.

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lights you up2I’m pretty light-hearted and optimistic about life. I make it a habit to look for the good. But every once in a while I just get this feeling best described as…uuugh.  I can’t help but say ENOUGH ALREADY.


…to the world, to the whiners, to the skeptics, to the cynics, to the pessimists, and when needed…to myself.


Enough with the excuses and complaining.


Enough with the self-pity and victimhood.


Enough with the righteousness and blame.


Enough with the judgements and shaming.


Enough with the gossip and drama.


Enough with the fakeness and facades.


Enough with the manipulation and self-serving expectations.


Enough with the over-thinking and over-analyzing.


Enough with the stubborn and rigid thinking.


Enough with the condensing and superior attitudes.


Enough with the defenses and walls.


Enough with the striving and trying too hard.


Enough with the superficial goals and accomplishments.


Enough with the antagonist competition.


Enough with comparing and keeping score.


Enough with the resentments and unforgiveness.


Enough with the assumptions and projections.


Enough with the busyness and misplaced priorities.


Enough with the spiritualized nonsense that creates more judgement.


Enough with the news stories scavenging on people’s tragedies.


These have become the norm. BUT they aren’t our natural state.  We can over-rule and over-ride them.




I want to hear what’s going well.


I want to know what lights you up.


I want to hear what’s in your heart.


I want to see who you really are.


Enough said.


Trisha-Savoia3Trisha Savoia (yours truly) is founder of Absolute Awareness and creator of the Relax into Life series She wants to remind you that life is meant to be outrageously good…you are not meant to settle. And it’s much simpler than we make it. Just RELAX INTO LIFE and let it be raised to a higher standard…you’ve got a whole Soul Team helping you out! If you aren’t already a part of what I do, just peek over to the right and I have a number of ways for us to stay connected…and I warmly welcome that!