Guest Blog: I Am A Fraud!

Guest Blog: I Am A Fraud!

“Everyone is on their own Journey.”  This is one of the quotes and realizations taken from my friend and guest blogger, Joanne Cook, who wrote the blog post below titled “I Am A Fraud!”

This past weekend I hosted a networking evening for spiritually-minded business people, in which I had the pleasure of having Joanne attend.  Being a gifted and insightful writer, Joanne put into words her perspective of the evening, and once I read it I politely begged her to allow me to share it with you, because there is such an amazing lesson in it that everyone can benefit from.

Not only does Joanne share what she took away from that evening, but I am going to take it one step further and point out how being brave enough to be honest and real in a moment she actually gained strength in showing vulnerability.


Please enjoy:

I AM A FRAUD!  By Joanne Cook

A couple nights ago, I attended a meet-up of sorts. My friend organized a networking event for about 8 women, all involved in some form of wellness or spiritual practice. Some were angel readers guiding people through their life with messages and advice. Some were business coaches helping clients grow their companies through Law of Attraction principals. One was a bona-fide author. One was a life coach. All of them sharing their wisdom and bettering the world around them.

And then there was me!

While they all had legitimate businesses and were helping people through the every day, I wasn’t quite sure what I brought to the table. I ramble my thoughts down in my personal blog but that didn’t exactly qualify me as a writer.  I love marketing and have been doing it for almost 15 years but I market to dentists and accountants and financial institutions. Not exactly the spiritual path these other ladies are on.

As they went around the room introducing themselves and explaining what they did, I kept thinking “Oh my word! I am going to be exposed for what I am. A total imposter!” They all had a language and confidence and an ease about them. I thought, for sure, they could see right through me.

From a personal perspective, I LOVED being in the same room as all these people. They talked about spiritual changes that are happening, the way the world is evolving, the power each and every one of us has to create the life we want to live.  They quoted books and authors and tv shows and they shared articles they’ve read and facebook pages they like and groups they belong to. It was fantastic.

While I could feel the energy and light in the room and I was so excited to be included, I just wanted to come clean. So I out-and-out announced it.“I am a FRAUD!”  I proclaimed it as fact and waited for the chips to fall. There, the truth was out and they would politely show me the door.

What I learned that night was again, a lesson I keep learning. (Okay, obviously I haven’t learned it because it keeps showing up). We are all in this together. Everyone is on their own journey. No one is more virtuous than the next person. Sure there are those who have practiced certain teachings for a lot longer. They know more because they have worked on themselves more. But there is no right or wrong. There is no timeline. There is no one path. And there most certainly is never an end.

Once I blurted out my statement, they were so gracious and kind and lovely that eventually, I actually felt more confident in myself than I had in a long time. Jackie, in particular that evening, brought tears to my eyes when she said “it’s just all about love. That’s all there is. Live your truth and live in love!”

The common denominator was we all know there is more to this life and we all know we have the power to change our own lives. I left inspired, excited and quite frankly exhausted, seeing as I stayed afterwards chatting (Me?A talker?) until almost 2:00 a.m.

Thank you ladies for a great evening and for sharing everything you did. You should all really have your own businesses. (wink, wink) You are that good!