Has Life Been Feeling a Little Wonky?

I’ve been off the radar for a little bit. This certainly isn’t the first time. And when I come back, I always wonder, do I mention the pause in communication, or do I just jump right back in? Because in my personal world, there was no real pause. I was carrying on with life, but just behind the scenes. But here’s the reason I decided to address it this time…


Our world is going through a raising in consciousness; an elevating in vibration. And with this increase in frequency we are all encountering different experiences as a result of lower energies not being able to come with us into the higher energies. No one is immune. No one is left out. …so if your emotions have been a little intense, if your mind has been busy, if your energy has been low, if your body has felt some unfamiliar aches and pains, or if things in general have been going a little wonky…there’s a good chance you are experiencing the effects of these increased energies. …but don’t worry, they’re simply upgrades. Nothing wrong is going on here.


This is all a good thing, but it’s really only a good thing if you’re aware of it, otherwise it just feels like life is beating you up a bit. But every time you are faced with something that feels wonky (aka challenging), what you’re really being presented with is a choice. A choice to stay in the old energies where fear, doubt, worry, and complacency reign, or a choice to lift yourself out of the densities to higher ground by committing to focusing on love, ease, abundance…and a life of your choosing (b/c yes, you are the creator of your life).


So what I have been up to the last little while is consciously making choices in the direction of what I really want in life…and so during that time it felt more important to focus on me and my inner world, than to expend my energy creating in the outer world. …because it ALWAYS starts within. Always. Whatever is going on inside of you – thoughts, feelings, beliefs, ideas – gets projected into your outer world. So I’ve been spending my time consciously and consistently zeroed in on thinking and feeling beyond any previous old energies…and practicing stabilizing those higher energies.


Essentially, I became aware of where some old stuff was still playing out, and I went about making the necessary changes so that it can play out in a new way.


You’ll find the same in your life. Anything that comes into your life that causes you grief, angst, upset, discomfort, or simply spurs you on to want something different, it is coming up to provide you with an opportunity to choose differently; to decide to live beyond current circumstances. It is asking you to unplug from the old survival energies and to reach for and connect with the energy of freedom. The only limits we have are the ones we impose on ourselves.


It’s for this reason that when I hit a threshold, I don’t push through the resistance as we’ve been taught to do. I work with the energies that are presenting, and consciously move beyond them. To the outer world this is nonsense. It’s not how you get-things-done. But we’ve been done a disservice to disregard our inner world, because when you work with your inner landscape first, what you are trying to accomplish has a much better chance of sticking. …dare I say, has the ONLY chance of truly sticking.


So that’s been my process. It certainly doesn’t fit in with the societal consensus of how to get things done in the world. And honestly, even to me, at times it has felt like a painfully slow process to get to where I’ve decided I want to go, BUT I have no doubt that, although counter-intuitive, this is a necessary process and path if you’re committed to living a life beyond the confines of conformity. We just can’t do things the old way and hope for them to turn out differently.


During an upgrading period my time oscillates between…


  • Becoming aware of old programs and emotions that are still running.
  • Acknowledging and feeling the emotions that need to be felt.
  • Actively and consciously rewriting those out-dated thoughts/beliefs.
  • Practicing new feelings for the new beliefs I’ve chosen. (Yes, you get to choose how you feel.)
  • Practicing maintaining the higher vibration.
  • Allowing my body time to catch up and integrate. (You know this is needed when you feel tired, yet it’s not a not-enough-sleep tired. It’s a deep inner request of your cells to slow down, relax, and let it catch up with the new energies, and with your new consciousness.)
  • Listening to and following the nudges to create and get the energy moving in the outer world.


It is a finely-tuned dance of listening to your own energies, your own guidance, and being willing to do things a different way than you’ve been taught. …but it works…and it sticks. My willingness to ignore the advice of outside sources, and instead follow my own inner guidance, has without question allowed me to move beyond the old paradigms and land me into a world of unlimited possibilities.


Even when I can’t yet see the evidence of my outside world changing, I can feel it. …and I know it.


…And to the degree you view this as optimism and confident anticipation, or delusion and innocent ignorance is directly proportional to the leverage you have in creating change within your own world. …and let’s face it, our world can certainly use a little more optimism and trust in life unfolding in favor of the good.


Sure, doubts sometimes creep in. Impatience rears its head. Fear can stall me for a bit. …but that’s when I know I’ve hit a threshold and I circle back to using all that as feedback and doing the upgrade dance again.


Now, I get that this may sound like a lot of work and a lot of effort, but it’s the kind of work and effort that is joyful and truly satisfying, because in doing it you KNOW you are creating your life. You are creating the inner changes that have no choice but to ripple out into your physical reality. If it feels like tedious work, then you’re in the energy of trying to make something happen rather than in the energy of creating your life…because creating your life, it’s always fun!




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