If You’re Not Happy, Neither Are Your Children

If You’re Not Happy, Neither Are Your Children


551047_10151501757285651_712820650_23418415_457266213_nWe all want to be happy; we all want the same for our children.  It’s simple.  So, why does this simple desire elude so many of us?


Why?  Because we don’t do what makes us happy.  Instead we’ve gotten caught in the illusion that being happy looks a certain way, and have never stopped to question if that way works for us.


When we look to our children, they provide a great example of what being connected to happiness looks like.  They are connected to their true self at a deep level, and the greatest level of all is through laughter, light-heartedness, and spontaneity.


Unless already weighted down by the “teachings” and fears of society, children don’t over-think, they aren’t perfectionists, they aren’t over-achievers, they aren’t people-pleasers….they simply follow what brings them the most happiness!  This is their natural state. This is OUR natural state…we just forgot!


We have become a society that is disconnected from our source of happiness.  We have become seekers of happiness; thinking happiness is something we need to strive for and attain.


So…what does that mean?  That means we need to get back to our own child-like, natural state…and we need to let our children stay there! For most of us that means slowing down, simplifying, and being more spontaneous.  That means not taking ourselves and our lives so seriously.


If you make a mistake…laugh and find the humour in it!  If you feel drawn to wrestling with your kids…do it!  If you find something inappropriately funny…go ahead…laugh loud…it’s okay!…the only reason you find it inappropriate is because too many people take life way too seriously!


So, how are you going to be happier? Be light-hearted, and do more of what makes you happy!!!


It’s time to take the lead of our children’s example.  Act on what makes you happy, and do less of what doesn’t.  Simple formula really!  You need to untangle the web of beliefs that have held you hostage to your obligations, your shoulds, your have tos, and your fears.  Those aren’t yours…don’t own them!


Not only do you need to do this for yourself, but you also need to teach and allow your children to listen and follow their own path of happiness.  They naturally follow this path if we don’t interfere with our own “stuff.” We need to stop Parenting from Ego (meaning from fear, control & past programming and pain), and embrace the things that make us happy…that’s why we’re here after all.


As parents, we need to put our children’s happiness, their passions, and their interests above that of what society deems is the path that leads to happiness. As we’ve grown witness to, this path isn’t always all that happy of one.  It’s time to listen to what makes you happy and blaze your own path!


So, please share below…how do (or don’t) you let your children follow their path of happiness?  And how do (or don’t) you follow yours?!